Most people experience heartburn occasionally, after eating spicy foods or perhaps overeating at a family gathering. Chronic heartburn can make your life incredibly uncomfortable and can indicate a more serious condition. Find out the causes of heartburn and whether your symptoms may indicate a problem. Also get information on medications, antacide and treatment options for heartburn, as well as lists of foods to avoid and lifestyle changes that can help alleviate your symptoms.  

Should You Take A Digestive Enzymes Supplement for Heartburn?

A digestive enzymes supplement can assist in breaking down food as the stomach digests it, thereby preventing certain heartburn symptoms and relieving the heartburn sufferer. Find out how taking digestive enzymes can improve the way your body handles food and promote a healthy stomach.

How an Aloe Vera Drink Relieves Heartburn at Home

Aloe vera isn’t just for relieving sunburn. Sipping an aloe vera drink can help relieve the pain from heartburn, especially in your esophagus. Learn how drinking aloe vera extract can improve your heartburn condition and provide non-prescription relief.
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