Heartburn Home Remedy: 8 Remedies That Can Relieve Your Heartburn Without a Prescription

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What Is a Home Remedy for Heartburn?

A heartburn home remedy is a natural item that does not require a doctor’s prescription to obtain. It might be an herbal supplement, a lifestyle change or a list of foods to avoid. Some heartburn remedies might work, and other might not. Your symptoms and the type of heartburn you have will partially determine how you will be affected.

Supplemental Remedies

Many supplemental remedies are available as alternative options to prescription medications. Some of them are in pill form while others are in liquid form. Most aren’t too tasty, so prepare yourself for some bitter remedies.

  • Aloe vera juice: Usually taken in liquid form, aloe vera juice has been thought to coat the esophagus and help neutralize the acid the stomach pumps back up into your throat. Drinking a little before meals once or twice a day can have a profound effect on how much heartburn you experience after the meal.
  • Ginger: You probably don’t want to take your ginger straight, but adding it to other foods might help neutralize your stomach problems. You can also add it to drinks like tea, or simply make a ginger infusion with fresh or dried ginger.
  • Chamomile: Chamomile has many medicinal properties that help soothe parts of the body. Generally, you would think of chamomile as a relaxing sleep aid, but it turns out that it can be beneficial for relaxing your stomach as well. You can drink it as a tea, but if you’re not the tea type, you can take it in tablet form as a supplement.
  • Probiotic supplements: Probiotic tablets can be helpful for helping your stomach remain stable, especially where trouble foods are concerned. You probably won’t need to take these all the time, but rather until your symptoms improve.
  • Papaya tablets: Perhaps the tastiest item on the list, papaya tablets help the stomach improve digestion and keep heartburn at bay.

Non-supplemental Remedies

Some heartburn home remedies are a little tastier than the supplemental varieties. These include standard foods you could eat everyday which may help alleviate heartburn symptoms.

  • Pear juice: Drinking bland juices that aren’t high in acid (in other words, lay off the apple juice) can help the regurgitated acid slide back down your throat and get rid of the disgusting taste it brought with it.
  • Bananas: While some feel bloated after bananas, others believe it helps with the acid in the stomach. You can eat half of one and try it yourself if you don’t like eating whole bananas.
  • White grape juice: Another one of those bland juices, white grape juice helps soothe a burning esophagus without causing more acid to creep up the esophagus.

You might try drinking more herbal teas as well when dealing with heartburn. Just make sure you stay away from peppermint, as this can trigger heartburn in GERD patients.


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