iPhone Apps for Emergencies: The Top Life-Saving iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps for Emergencies: The Top Life-Saving iPhone Apps
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There seems to be an iPhone app for absolutely everything and emergencies are not exempt. There are a variety of iPhone apps for emergencies. These life-saving iPhone apps can be applied to a variety of situations to help people respond quicker, know what to do, and to even help healthcare professionals keep up with their patients during emergencies.

Airstrip OB

This iPhone app was developed and is designed specifically for obstetricians, or other doctors who work with patients in pregnancy and childbirth. It will send detailed information about the patient’s vital signs to the doctor so that they can have information on the patient’s condition. The push notifications allows doctors to get alerts, even in the case of cardiac arrest.

CPR & Choking

This life-saving iPhone app could literally save a life. This app is free and is available due to King County EMS and the University of Washington. This app has a variety of videos to demonstrate what to do when someone is choking, having a cardiac episode requiring CPR and other medical emergencies.

Close Call

This iPhone app for emergencies is very effective and very simple at the same time. This app is also free. It uses the wallpaper a person chooses for their iPhone and layers it with several bits of emergency information and contact information, such as a phone number to call if an emergency happens and the person’s allergies.

Pocket First Aid and CPR Guide

This app provides information on what to do to save a person’s life during an emergency. At $3.99, it is extensive. In addition to videos showing how to perform a variety of first aid procedures, it has a function, from the American Heart Association, providing up-to-date information. Users can also created a detailed medical profile containing their preferred hospital, their emergency contacts, their primary care doctors and their allergies and pre-existing conditions.

iBP Blood Pressure

This app is $0.99, but is worth a lot more to those suffering from high blood pressure. It allows users to keep a history of their blood pressure. For diabetics, there is a similar app called Diabetes Log. Both can help users maintain healthy numbers to avoid high blood pressure-related or blood sugar-related medical emergencies.

Emergency Radio

Emergency radios have been around for decades, but now the iPhone has one. This app is just $0.99 and works just like any other emergency radio. Users can use it to monitor severe weather, the approach of natural disasters, as well as monitor almost every major emergency department and police department in the United States. Users can also monitor air traffic control.

Pet First Aid

Pets can have emergencies too, and as pet parents, it is important we know how to respond so that the furkids are able to stay healthy and beat the odds in an emergency situation. This app has a variety of first aid videos demonstrating how to do everything from pet CPR, helping a choking pet and how to control bleeding. Users also have access to numerous guides and can track and record their pet’s veterinarians contact information, their pets medications, pre-existing medical conditions, identifications, vaccinations and add notes as necessary.


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