iPhone Apps for Runners: Best Apps to Keep Runners Motivated and Running

iPhone Apps for Runners: Best Apps to Keep Runners Motivated and Running
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Running is a good workout, and often an escape, for millions of people. However, at some point in a runner’s life, the routine can become monotonous. To help break up the monotony a little bit, some runners are turning to some of the many iPhone apps for runners. These apps can help to switch up the runner’s routine, make it more challenging, help them reach their weight goal, and more.

RunKeeper Pro

This iPhone app is widely used by runners and costs $9.99, however, there is a more simplified version available for free. In addition to running, this app can be used for other sports as well, such as cycling, skiing, hiking, and swimming. This app has a variety of features that help runners keep track of just about anything. The features include:

  • GPS tracking
  • Speed monitoring
  • Activity history
  • Distance
  • Caloric output

All data can be synced to the RunKeeper website so users can share their progress publicly, as well as monitor their own progress.

Get Running

While this iPhone app for runners is more geared towards beginner runners, it is also useful for long-time runners. This app, at the cost of $1.99, provides a specific nine-week training regimen. The end goal of this app is for the user to be able to run a complete thirty minutes. The app provides encouragement and prompts users throughout every workout.


This running iPhone app is also GPS-based and is used to monitor and track running, walking, and cycling workouts. It will record the users activity and then display their pace, distance, and caloric burn. It syncs with the website and keeps a continuous log of all of the user’s workouts. It also has a feature that allows users to use the emergency contact option, so that if they were ever to need immediate help as they were working out, they could get it easily. This app costs $1.99.

Run Coach

This iPhone app is beneficial to both seasoned and novice runners. It is geared towards providing some motivation to succeed in running. This $0.99 app has a variety of training plans, such as half marathon, marathon, 5k, 10k, and more, for users to choose from. Users can track their progress as they go along through personalized plans. It also provides nutritional and running tips for quick reference.

Interval Run

This $1.99 iPhone app was made for runners looking to do some interval training to mix things up and keep things interesting. Interval Run was designed to integrate some variety into the user’s workout. It has training plans that include Couch to 5K, a One Hour Program, Tabata, and Gateway to 8K. There is a recorded voice that will tell users what they need to do and when they need to do it.


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