Verizon Apps for Diabetes

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Diabetes is a medical condition that patients have to constantly monitor. Verizon wireless wants to make this a little bit easier with their variety of Verizon apps for diabetes. These apps can do just about anything except take a patient’s blood glucose level.

OnTrack Diabetes

This app is available for free. It can help diabetic patients manage their diabetes by tracking a variety of things, such as food, exercise, blood pressure, weight, glucose, medication, and pulse. The features of this app include:

  • Supports mg/dl and mmo/l
  • Exports to HTML, CSV, and XML
  • Easy to use interface
  • Graphs and reports
  • Set high and low glucose ranges


This Verizon app for diabetes was not made specifically for diabetes, but diabetics may find it useful. Users can create an incredibly sophisticated to-do list. On this list they can organize their doctor’s appointments, blood-glucose checks, what times they need to eat or snack, what time they need to take their diabetes medications and/or insulin, their exercise times, and everything else they need to do to manage their diabetes.


This isn’t a traditional app, but those who have internet access on their cell phone can log on to and use this interactive diabetes management site and community. Features include:

  • Using trends and graphs to visualize progress
  • Share statistics with friends and family
  • Manage and track medications, activity, and food
  • Meet other diabetes and interact with them in the discussion forums
  • Get specific time frames for a clearer pictures of a person’s statistics overtime

Verizon Health Information Exchange

This app collects a patient’s clinical data from all of their health care providers and then translates it into a standardized format. Once standardized, the user can access their health records and information through a secure web portal.

Diet Fitness Diary

This Verizon diabetes app offers fat, protein, and calorie counters that provide information on more than 500 food items. It has more than 40 exercises listed in its burn meter, as well as a body mass index tool. This app also provides a cumulative summary of exercise and caloric intake for three days.

The Pill Phone

This app is crucial to diabetes patients, specifically those taking several medications. It provides information on numerous medications, including dosing, drug interactions, side effects, and photos of the medications. It also has a medication reminder to help patients remember when they need to take their medications.


This app brings with it numerous videos. These videos show patients who to perform certain health care duties, such as taking a blood pressure reading, using a blood glucose monitor, taking a pulse reading, first aid techniques, and other things that are important for a diabetic to know.


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