Hottest Health Care Phone Apps

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According to a Mobile Health News report published in March 2010, there are nearly 6,000 health care phone apps. New mobile health care apps are being created and released every day. These apps range in price from free to $10.00 to download. Some also have a monthly fee associated with them.

Pocket First Aid and CPR

The Pocket First Aid and CPR mobile app was created by the American Heart Association. This app is a catchall for first aid and CPR. This app has the following features:

  • Up-to-date emergency information provided by the American Heart Association
  • First aid checklist
  • A place to store personal medical information and emergency contacts
  • Hundreds of pages illustrating emergency situations, such as CPR, bites, burns, diabetic emergencies, choking, bruises, seizures, and more
  • Videos that detail how to respond to hundreds of first aid situations


iTriage is a health care phone app in which the primary focus is to check out symptoms. It also provides information on procedures and diseases. This app also makes it easy to help find nearby hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, and urgent-care centers. To add to these features, this app also has real-time updates letting people know what the average wait time will be at a variety of emergency rooms.


This health care mobile app benefits both the general public and health care practitioners. It allows them to report medication side effects and track alerts. Users will get reports on newly reported medication recalls and side effects, as well as news stories and FDA alerts about new drugs.

LoseIt Calorie Tracker

This app has a variety of features aimed at helping people lose weight and/or maintain their weight. Features include:

  • Establish a daily calorie budget and set goals
  • Enter exercise and food every day through the use of a seachable database
  • Use metrics and detailed reports to monitor one’s progress
  • Record exercise and food to help stay on track every day
  • Get motivation and additional support by joining together with friends

WebMD Mobile

This health care phone app allows users to access the vast information on WebMD. Users can get information on disease and condition symptoms, use their visual aids to help during an emergency situation, or learn more about drugs and medications.

Diabetes Log

With the increasing obesity rate in America, diabetes is on the rise. This app allows users to keep track of their medical records, food intake, and glucose readings.


Doctors are very busy and often do not have the time to sit down and earn their Continuing Medical Education credits. This app allows doctors to take the CME videos and tests with them so whenever they have a few spare minutes they can earn these credits.

Sleep Tracker

Sleep is crucial to our overall well-being. This app provides mood icons for a sleep journal, and logs and charts that help users track their sleeping habits.