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What is the Bodybugg?

The Bodybugg is a device that is used to help people lose weight and/or maintain their weight. This device in combination with the Bodybugg mobile app can help with choosing a meal plan, counting calories, measuring activity level, and serving as a pedometer. This weight loss and weight management device is something that looks similar to a large watch. It is placed on the user’s upper arm, or sometimes the user’s wrist, and once turned on it records various data.

Those who own the Bodybugg and want some more freedom with it may find the mobile Bodybugg app beneficial. This app isn’t an actual app, however, but a website that can be accessed using a BlackBerry, iPhone, or other phone with internet access. Since this app isn’t truly an app, it is free as long as the user has an active subscription.

How to Use the Mobile Bodybugg App

To get to the Bodybugg website, log on to the internet on the phone, go to the URL field, and then type in “ Once on the website, the question, “do you want to log into your Bodybugg account” will pop up. Follow the question and you will now be using Bodybugg on your phone. To fully use this app, input all of the pertinent information.

Who Cannot use the Mobile App?

Not every phone will support the Bodybugg mobile app. Phones that do not have Java will not support the Bodybugg site. One smart phone that does not support java is the Android.

What Can I Do on the Bodybugg Mobile Website?

There are several different things that can be done on the Bodybugg mobile website. These include:

  • View the meals in their meal plans
  • View the information on calorie burn targets, calories burned, and calorie balance
  • View and edit meals
  • Access custom foods and frequent foods
  • View how many total calories the person logged for the day

Bodybugg Device Features

The bodybugg device itself has several different features that play into the mobile app. These features all play a role in helping a person lose and/or management their weight. These features include:

Motion: This device monitors motion from a variety of perspectives with its built-in accelerometer.

Skin response: When a person sweats, the skin becomes both electrically conductive and moist. These two things help this device figure out how active a person is.

Steps: The built-in accelerometer counts how many steps a person takes

Skin temperature: This device has a built-in thermometer that monitors a person’s body temperature.

Heatflux: When muscles are in motion they generate heat. My measuring this heat, this device can calculate how many calories a person has burned.

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