Pain Control Portable Home Medical Devices

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Anyone who has worked in a health care setting know how important it is to control pain. People in pain are not able to comfortably rest and this can affect not only their physical but their emotional well-being. As a result of this, various technological devices such as the ultrasound have been created to help control pain. These devices also make it easier for professionals to treat the person’s medical condition.

Ultrasound Therapy Device

The first type of pain control portable home medical devices involves ultrasound therapy. Ultrasound therapy devices use ultrasound technology to treat pain. Ultrasound is not only used in diagnostic assessments, but can be used to treat inflammation or painful medical conditions. This involves the use of sound waves.

Sound waves are emitted from the sonic therapy machine. A small amount of gel is placed on the area where the person is having pain and the machine is then placed onto the gel. The machine emits ultrasound waves that are at least of the frequency of 0.8 MHz.

In a similar way that the ultrasound probe is used for viewing, the probe is massaged around the area as it emits ultrasound waves. This is a portable method that the person or family members can do at home. A typical treatment should be at least five minutes in duration.

Electromagnetic Therapy Device

Another portable device for pain control is the electromagnetic therapy machine. This consists of a circular item that emits electromagnetic waves. The waves have been found by some to reduce the amount of inflammation and pain that a person experiences in a specific area on the body

Electromagnetic therapy utilizes electromagnetic waves. The electricity within the waves will act on the area of the body that is damaged and needing pain reduction. Therefore, this type of pain control device might be effective for those who need a low intensity alternative to pain control.

So far, one of the advantages is that scientists have not discovered any side effects to using electromagnets during the healing process. Another advantage is the expense, as electromagnetic therapy can be more cost effective than other pain control methods.

Interferential Therapy Unit

A third portable device that can be used at home for pain control is the interferential therapy unit. This is a fairly new device that uses the old technology of electric activity to provide relief from pain.

Interferential therapy is similar to therapy using electricity or magnets. It mainly involves the use of electronic frequencies to reduce the pain within muscles. This is done by using an electrical current and the interferential therapy unit massages the area as the current passes through. As a result, the person’s body will release endorphin, which is a chemical that reduces pain and gives the feeling of well-being. Therefore, healing and pain relief is thought to result using this type of pain control portable home medical devices.


Interferential Therapy

Electromagnetic Therapy