The Best Free PDA Nursing Software

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An Introduction to Nursing PDA Software

Nursing personal digital assistant applications are a remarkable benefit in helping in healthcare scenarios. With astounding hard drive capacity, a multitude of directories of accessible facts can be placed at nurses' disposal by using free PDA nursing software that is quite effective on the handheld assistant. Student nurses and fully-experienced nurses can discover that PDA applications are priceless in helping them to keep on top of virtually every element of the nursing process. A few of the applications available for nurses include:

NurProc (Nursing Procedures for PDA)

Available on PDA, this software for nurses is quite comprehensive. It not only has a listing of over five hundred nursing processes but also provides information on how to complete each task. This is quite a popular nursing personal digital assistant program because it also covers the most common procedures that a nurse will have to complete on a daily basis. There are at least seven hundred images that accompany the processes along with information on the correct way to fill out the paperwork and document what was done. The software is also quite extensive because it also includes information about the the equipment and complications associated with each process. NurProc can be downloaded from PocketGear.

The Handbook of Symptoms and Signs

This application is packed with a large database of symptoms and signs of some of the most common medical conditions that a nurse will encounter. It also has some of the not-so-common or symptoms and signs to can help in a differential diagnosis. The database is extensive with at least three hundred symptoms and signs mentioned – even new or emerging diseases. This application can be used often on a PDA because it also discusses the procedures to complete to confirm the diagnosis. Many nurses can find this handy during an emergency situation. It is available from the Skyscape website.

The Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice

Nurses studying in North America will be aware of the Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice textbook, which is now available in PDA format. It is a comprehensive software program to be included on a personal digital assistant. It can also be a great reference text as free PDA nursing software and lists all of the steps needed for at least one hundred nursing procedures. It is even possible to search for a procedure in alphabetical order.

Davis’s Drug Guide

Davis’s Drug Guide is packed with a huge database of thousands of pharmaceutical medication. It provides facts on commonly prescribed medication such as the administration, dosing and any drug interactions. The best feature of Davis Drug Guide on PDA is its ability to help prevent dosing and medication errors, which may cause injury to the patient. As it is available on PDA, it can help the nurse record the person’s medical history and provide useful information during an emergency case. There are over five hundred drugs listed within this database and it is available as a free trial online.