The Best Free Medical Software for Palm PDA

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Free Medical Software and Apps

Anyone within the medical field and owning a PDA should consider the wide range of free medical software. While there are some medical professionals who are aware of what is available, there are others who are not aware of the various medical programs available. However, the best thing about these programs is that they are free. There might be medical PDA software that needs to be purchased from large companies, but there is plenty of medium to small size companies that have released free apps. A medical professional can use free software to see critical information about disease symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, one should consider medical software for Palm available free of charge:

Epocrates Rx

This is an extensive application that contains a vast amount of information on common medical conditions. It includes information on laboratory results and treatment drug interactions. The software can also show an image of what the medication looks like, along with the side effects of medicines.

One of the strongest features of this software is the ability to punch in the patient’s medication and have the software reveal any adverse effects or drug interactions with the medicine being taken. Medical professionals who need to complete CME can use this PDA application. The one drawback about the free Epocrates Rx software is that the information contained in the free version is not as extensive as compared to the Epocrates Essentials version, a paid app that contains comprehensive information about drug side-effects and other details.

TheraDoc Antibiotic Assistant LE

TheraDoc can be used to give medical professionals valuable patient diagnosis information right at his or her fingertips. It can be used to collate information on disease and infection treatment at the touch of a button. The TheraDoc Antibiotic Assistant medical software includes a guide to infection control and patient safety, along with other information to improve the patient’s quality of care. One of the great things about the program is that the software can be used to give medical professionals a generated list of antibiotics for a specific disease. This program is completely free, and provides a comprehensive list of some of the most common diseases.


This software can be downloaded from Skyscape. MedWatch is quite useful and includes information about any adverse effect or dangerous equipment. It presents safety issues related to patient care in areas such as diagnostic equipment, medication and other devices. The software also offers an extensive drug database, enabling treatment information to be accessed quickly. MedWatch does require at least the Palm 3.5 operating system to function.


This is another completely free medical software program for the Palm PDA. It can be downloaded at Emedic. It offers a guide to information on at least twenty-five arrhythmias. Not only does it presents it in an easy-to-read format, but also explains how the various parts of the ECG/EKG will look. PalmEKG is a very popular choice to download and use as free medical software.