Kickboxing For Fitness, The Pros And Cons Of Kickboxing Fitness Exercise

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If you are new to kickboxing, you should know that it is not only for those who want to train to enter kickboxing competitions as you see on TV. It has become a popular choice for many fitness enthusiasts. This form of kickboxing is also known as aerobic or cardiovascular (cardio) kickboxing and it entails the combination of martial arts, boxing and aerobic elements for overall fitness workout routine.

There are many positives and negatives of kickboxing. In able to fully comprehend what cardio kickboxing is all about, you must learn the health benefits it offers as well as the consequences if any to you. Let us start with the pros.

The Calorie-Burner

Cardio kickboxing is a good workout exercise routine for weight loss. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), you can burn from 350-450 calories per hour when participating in this workout. If you are looking for a workout to burn calories fast and that is fast-paced and fun, cardio kickboxing may just be the workout exercise for you. With your favorite dance music, you can punch and kick your way to burning calories.

Promotes Physical Strength and Balance

Kickboxing has been known to improve one’s physical strength, balance and reflexes whilst conditioning and toning the body. Since the workouts require multiple movements and actions and often balancing on one leg, the body is trained for maximum endurance, coordination and balance.

Stress Reliever

Studies show that the rigorous workout of kickboxing is a good outlet of frustration and anger. It can reduce your stress level to the maximum as you punch and kick your rage onto a punching bag and the discipline and skills required for kickboxing is beneficial for self-control practices.

Self-Defense Skills

Although cardio kickboxing is meant for physical workout exercise and training, it can also help you learn some real self-defense skills for the real world in case the need arises. Women that participate in regular kickboxing workout feel confident and empowered because of the self-defense training they get from it.

The Cons

There are many positives of kickboxing in terms of fitness and health. However, there are also a few cons that you need to be aware of to prepare you if you chose to forego this workout exercise.

  • Injuries may be sustained if improper moves are done. The best way that you can avoid this is to make sure that the gym you signed up with has a qualified cardio kickboxing instructor or trainer.
  • Cardio kickboxing is a high intensity exercise and it is not advisable that you do the full workout all in one go the first time. This is especially for the cases of those that have been a couch potato for quite some time. Be sure to know your fitness level and work at a beginners pace.
  • To make sure that you are safe to do aerobic kickboxing, get the consent of your doctor.