Total Gym Workouts for obese people

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Cardio and Aerobic Total Body Workouts Overview

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity amongst adults and children in the United States has reached epidemic rates. In fact, more than 34% of adults ages 20 and older are currently considered obese.

Obesity can cause health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and lung disease, as well as causing a reduction in overall body health and strength. Health experts recommend that individuals incorporate at least 45 to 60 minutes of cardiovascular activity at least five days a week to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Total gym workouts for obese people are an ideal way to try to get fit and healthier, and can be achieved with a variety of effective gym equipment when used appropriately for safety. Some effective types of equipment include the Total Gym XLS, the Total Gym 3000 and the Total Gym 2000 exercise machines. While exercise machines are effective, a number of workouts that do not require the use of equipment such as walking and swimming are also excellent ways to trim down and get healthy. The following are some efficient methods to getting trim and fit with the Total Gym.

Machine Features

Those who want to concentrate on getting the weight off fast should consider starting out with cardio and aerobic workouts. Cardio is great for both the inner and outer portions of the body in that when done consistently, it helps to improve your overall appearance and helps prevent a variety of health problems. The Total Gym XLS is one of the newest members to the Total Gym family and has special features, which include:

  • A 400 lb weight capacity for total stability and strength
  • A flexible nylon strap handle
  • An upgraded cable system pulley
  • A chrome package
  • The capability to perform 80 exercises
  • An upgraded comfort system
  • A padded glide board with head support

During your cardio workout, try pushing a little harder with different parts of your feet for a more effective workout. Pushing using your toes during a workout will help you work on your quads. When you push with your heels, you will work your hamstrings and your rear section. Using a rowing machine instead of a stationary bike will help you get a good upper body workout while burning up to 50% more fat.

Effective and Safe Total Body Exercises

  1. The Leg Curl with Bicep Curl-Those who are pressed for time may find that a quick Total Gym workout is needed. This exercise using on of the total gym machines, works the abs, arms and legs
  2. The Toe Touch Row-This exercise combines three crucial areas of fitness in one exercise. This exercise involves strengthening and stretching in one movement. As you keep moving at a good pace from one exercise to the next you sure to get a great workout. Good exercise for the back, legs and arms.
  3. The Arm Pullover-This is a standing aerobic and cardio workout that keeps you heart healthy and helps you to burn calories and loose weight. The Arm Pullover is great for fat burning and will target major muscle group for quick weight loss. This works the legs and arms.
  4. The Single Leg Pullover- This is a new exercise which consists of performing the the Arm Pullover exercise while lifting one leg.After a couple of sets alternate to the opposite leg and continue. This exercise works the arms and legs.

Total Gym Target Workouts

You can also incorporate a number of target exercises by using the Total Gym and customize your own full body workout with workouts that include:

Exercises to Work Abs

  • Sit-Up with Cables
  • Oblique Twister
  • Sit Up-works abs and legs

Exercises to Work Arms

  • Lateral Arm Pull- works chest, biceps, shoulders and triceps
  • Lying Triceps-works triceps
  • Lying Triceps Extension-works chest and triceps
  • Seated Biceps Curl-works biceps and abs

Back Exercises

  • The Pull Up-works arms, shoulders, and back
  • Front Pullover-works shoulders and back
  • The Iron Cross and Snow Angel-works the shoulders and back
  • Reverse Fly with Rotation-works back, shoulders, chest and abs

Leg Exercises

  • The Squat- works butt and legs
  • Side Squat-works butt and legs
  • Single Leg Squat-works calves, legs and butt
  • Sprinter Start-works butt and legs

Tip: When upper-body workouts are done in weight training, your core abs receive a great workout when you place your feet in close proximity or when you lift them off the ground. When lower body workouts are done, your midsection is worked when you interlink your fingers behind your back or when you cross your chest with your arms instead of grabbing onto the machine handles. In order to build muscle mass quicker, consider working two muscle groups simultaneously.


When beginning any new fitness program, especially for those with significant weight issues or those who have not been active in a while, start out with a visit to your doctor. The total gym workouts for obese people are a great tool to tone, get fit, stay lean and build muscle. To understand why these types of exercises are important for your health, visit This gym routine helps work the chest, legs, shoulder, back, arms, and abs sections of the body.