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Exercises to Lose Fat Without Running

written by: Misto1481 • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 2/24/2011

Are you looking for ways to burn calories and shed away pounds of fat without running? If so, this article will provide you with information on numerous activities that can be done besides running that are less stressful on the joints & will help you turn your body into a calorie-burning machine.

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    How to Lose Body Fat

    Soy-whey-protein-diet If you are looking for ways to burn calories and melt away body fat without having to do a monotonous activity like running, you are in luck. There are numerous activities and exercises that can be done that will help you achieve your goals without having to ever step foot onto a treadmill. But before getting to those activities, it’s best to look at how one should go about actually losing body fat. In reality, losing fat is basically a numbers game. One pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories, so in order to lose one pound of fat a week, you would need to put your body into a 500 calorie deficit every day of the week. As most people who struggle with weight loss know, this is not an easy task.

    So how would one go about cutting out 500 calories a day? Well, the first thing you will need to do is figure out how many calories your body actually needs you to consume each day. A simple way of finding this out is to go to and use their Calorie Calculator to figure out what your specific number is. To do this, all you have to do is put in your age, weight, height, and sex and the calculator will spit out a fairly accurate estimate. Once you have that number, subtract 500 calories from the total and you will have the maximum number of calories you can eat a day to lose weight. For example, if the calculator says you need to eat 2000 calories to maintain your weight, you need to subtract 500 from that total and you would get 1500 calories a day in order to lose one pound of fat a week.

    In order to keep yourself on the right path, it would be wise to write down everything that you eat as well as the total number of calories for each food and drink item every day. You won’t always have to do this, but it would be very beneficial to do it for at least a month. You’d be surprised how many calories you are consuming on a regular basis. Doing this will also give you a better understanding of how many calories are in certain food items and will also help you become more familiar with food labels. If you are unsure how many calories are in a particular food item, you can go to and search their food database for the exact item or something similar. If you don’t want to write everything down free hand, you can go to and use their free online journals to keep track of your calorie intake. Keeping a food log is a lot of work, but the rewards will come as you achieve your fat loss goals.

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    How to Lose Fat Without Running: Information on How to Lose Fat and Various Activities that Burn Many Calories.If you want to learn how to lose fat without running, this is the article for you. Here you will find valuable information on fat loss nutrition as well as a comprehensive list of activities that burn lots of calories and fat.
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    Activities that Burn Lots of Calories (and Fat by Extension),iur:f&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=624&vpy=221&dur=1997&hovh=194&hovw=259&tx=182&ty=123&oei=zUdgTfHLKMG88gbc0uThCw&page=1&ndsp=18&ved=1t:429,r:5,s:0 Now that you know that losing fat is basically a numbers game, finding activities that can help you burn many calories is an excellent way to give yourself an extra edge. If you have a bad day nutritionally, burning extra calories from exercise will help to keep you on track. If you are perfect with your nutrition, it will help to speed up the process of losing body fat. Other health benefits are also prevalent in a lot of these activities, such as strengthening the heart and lungs.

    Here is an excellent chart from Men’s Fitness found on that has a list of activities and the amount of calories they burn (obviously ignore the running section if you choose not to do it):




    Running, 12 minutes per mile 562 689

    Running, 10 minutes per mile 703 862

    Running, 8 minutes per mile 879 1,077

    Running, 7 minutes per mile 984 1,207

    Running up stairs 1,055 1,293

    Swimming laps, freestyle,

    vigorous effort 703 862

    Swimming laps, freestyle,

    moderate effort 562 689

    Bicycling, 12-13.9 mph,

    moderate effort 562 689

    Bicycling, 16-19 mph,

    very fast 844 1034

    Mountain biking 598 733

    Bicycling, stationary,

    moderate effort 492 603

    Bicycling, stationary,

    vigorous effort 738 905

    Walking, pushing or pulling

    a stroller with child 176 215

    Walking, up stairs 562 689

    Walking, 3 mph, moderate pace,

    level surface 246 302

    Walking, 4.5 mph, brisk pace,

    level surface 316 388

    Walking, 3.5 mph, uphill 422 517

    Rowing, stationary, moderate effort 492 603

    Rowing, stationary, vigorous effort 598 733


    Weightlifting, vigorous effort 422 517

    Weightlifting, light or

    moderate effort 211 259


    Fishing in a stream,

    in waders 422 517

    Ice fishing, sitting 141 172

    Stretching (hatha yoga) 281 345


    Washing car, vigorous effort 316 388

    Vacuuming 176 215

    Grocery shopping 246 302

    Making your bed 141 172

    Moving furniture 422 517

    Sweeping 281 345

    Auto repair 211 259

    Installing rain gutters 422 517

    Hanging storm windows 352 431

    Painting 316 388

    Chopping wood 422 517

    Mowing the lawn 422 517

    Operating a snowblower 316 388

    Shoveling snow 422 517

    Baling hay 562 689

    Milking a cow 211 259


    Basketball 562 689

    Billiards 176 215

    Bowling 211 259

    Boxing (punching a heavy bag) 422 517

    Football, touch or flag 562 689

    Golf, carrying clubs 387 474

    Golf, using a cart 246 302

    Handball 844 1034

    Judo, jujitsu, karate, kickboxing,

    tae kwon do 703 862

    Racquetball 492 603

    Rope jumping, moderate effort 703 862

    Soccer 492 603

    Tai chi 281 345

    Tennis, singles 562 689

    Backpacking 492 603

    Hiking 422 517

    Kayaking 352 431

    Snorkeling 352 431

    Surfing, body or board

    variety 211 259


    Desk work 127 155

    Carpentry 246 302

    Fire fighting (climbing ladder

    with full gear) 773 948

    Policing (making an arrest) 562 689

    Sitting in a meeting 105 129

    Bartending 176 215

    Making photocopies 176 215

    Walking around the office

    at a moderate pace 246 302


    Ice hockey 562 689

    Ice skating, 9 mph 387 474

    Ice skating, over 9 mph 633 776

    Cross-country skiing, 4.0-4.9 mph,

    moderate effort 562 689

    Cross-country skiing, 5.0-7.9 mph,

    vigorous effort 633 776

    Cross-country skiing, uphill 1,160 1,422

    Curling 281 345

    Downhill skiing, moderate effort 422 517

    Sledding, tobogganing,

    bobsledding, luge 492 603

    Snowshoeing 562 689

    Snowmobiling 246 302


    Watching television or a movie 70 86

    Sleeping 63 78

    Gardening 352 431

    Reading 91 112

    Toweling off

    after a shower 281 345

    Sex, vigorous effort 105 129

    Sex, moderate effort 91 112

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