Fundamentals of Fitness 101

Looking to start a new exercise program and not sure where to start? Or are curious about certain fitness myth that you’re looking to find more information on? Here you’ll find all the fitness fundamentals with these great 101 guides to basic fitness.

Exercises for Hand Eye Coordination

Although hand-eye coordination is chiefly developed during the childhood years, there are several exercises that can be done to improve this skill. From specific sports that should be practiced to general exercises, balance, reaction time and reflexes can all be improved within a matter of weeks.
Beating Sciatic Nerve Pain With Exercise

Beating Sciatic Nerve Pain With Exercise

Weakness, tingling or pain in the leg result from conditions that affect the sciatic nerve, a large nerve formed by the nerve roots coming out of the spinal cord into the lower back and branches down to the back of the leg, ankle and foot. Learn about exercises that can relieve sciatic nerve pain.
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