Reviews on top Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent Exercise Bike Overview

More and more people are finding that the best exercise machine for weight loss, fitness, and safety, as well as aerobic workouts that are low impact is the recumbent bike as instead of the upright treadmill, exercise bike, or some other forms of fitness equipment for the following reasons:

  • Recumbent bikes offer a good workout to anyone from beginners that have no experience to the serious competitor and they are easy to use. In addition they can fit in small spaces and require very little to no coordination or balance.
  • They are very comfortable with the use of bucket seats and a semi reclining feature that offers good back support.
  • Gives variety and convenience to users because they get the benefit of riding a traditional bike regardless of the weather. This bike allows the user to have a workout while they read a book, watch television, or movie.

The Schwinn 230

  1. The Schwinn 230 (Top Recumbent Exercise Bikes according to Consumersearch)

This recumbent exercise bike allows users to lean into the backrest with their legs in the front. Most reviews state that this bike is a good value because it is sturdier than cheaper models and also includes a heart rate monitor in addition to 16 resistance and 12 workout levels. Most owners of this bike say it is sturdy and quiet but has a weight limit of 300 pounds. Some also note that monitor lighting may need some improvements as some have found the need to plug it into an outlet in order to use it. Schwinn offers a more generous warranty than the less expensive bike, such as six months on wear and tear, 10 years for the frame, 1 year on electrics and mechanical, but only 90 days on the labor. The estimated price of this bike is around $ 450.00

The Schwinn 213 Recumbent Bike

  1. The Schwinn 213 Recumbent Bike
  • This is a great magnetic resistant bike. It has 16 resistance levels, a heart rate monitor grip, 11 built in programs, weight capacity of 300 pounds, and toe grips. According to consumer reports, this bike is considered a “Best Buy” vote of confidence and most owners say it is a great economical bike.
  • It has a workout program that has six profile courses that have recovery test, calorie goal, result mode, quick start, 1 manual mode, and BMI measurement.
  • The LCD console allows users to track their calories, speed, time, RPM’s, resistance, speed, pulse, and distance. The number one selling point of this bike is the padded seat that can be easily adjusted forward or back for the needs of the user. This bike is sold for under $ 500.00

The Nautilus NR 2000

  • You can compare this bike to the Schwinn 213, the Schwinn 212, the Schwinn 203, and the Ignite 746. This high-end recumbent exercise bike is loaded with excellent features. This bike is not targeted at entry-level users and is more geared to users who will be in need of a quality drive system that has telemetric heart rate control and a balanced flywheel, heart rate controlled workouts. It features some of the following:
  1. A telemetric heart rate receiver
  2. A V-force drive system
  3. Foot pedals that are self-leveling for comfort
  4. Has V force magnetic resistance
  5. Has a 3 years parts, 30 years frame, 1 year labor, and 2 years electronics warranty


The above reviews on top recumbent exercise bikes offer an excellent way for users to multi-task, such as combining the pleasure of such things as television watching with a great workout. These machines are so comfortable they allow the user to stay motivated, which may allow them to reach their fitness goals a lot quicker than with an uncomfortable machine.