Get Fit and Healthy With the Best Low-Impact Videos

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If you are looking the best low impact exercise video that is both effective and safe to use, the following is a list of some that will not only get your heart pumping and allow you to burn calories, but are packed with exciting, fun and energetic moves that will keep you motivated enough to use them over and over again.

Scott Pilates Walking for your Heart

This workout is heart smart. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do, because when done properly using both upper and lower body parts, you can burn calories and put less stress and weight on the limbs.

  • **Disk 1-**This disk_,Walk on to Total Fitness,_ teaches you how to walk yourself fit. This 30 minute workout video is high energy and fun and led by fitness trainer PJ O’Clair. You also get tips on body and posture alignment from trainer Moira Merrithew.
  • Disk 2- You’ll get a chance to walk with trainer PJ O’Clair, who will guide you on an invigorating workout which incorporates 50 minutes of walking and is great for people of all shapes and sizes.

Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone

W****orkout type: Aerobics & Pilates-Fitness level Intermediate

  • The 3 Mile Slim & Sleek Walk Plus Pilates version shows easy ways to take something that we do every day–walking, and turn it into something that will help trim inches off the body and lose weight. This workout teaches how Pilates is a great tool for strengthening and slimming the body. You will also learn the fundamental importance of how the core area and correct posture can help trim the waistline.
  • The Walk at Home program begins with two brisk miles of walking. Next, you add a third mile Pilates walk which is a combined walk that has intervals utilizing Pilate’s techniques. This is a great workout at a speedy pace and you also get a bonus of the 5 top Pilates exercises that can be done on the mat.

This program includes: Video-Warm up period, a brisk walk at a pace of 4-5 mile per hour, the cool down walk period, a healthy stretching period for the end of the walk and the bonus: best Pilates exercises. The total workout time is approximately 55 minutes

Kathy Smith: March to Fitness

Beginner level: 30min

This workout incorporates simple stepping and marching through a 30 minute low-impact workout and is a great way to introduce individuals who are new to aerobic dance. This workout adds a bit of 90s Latin and 60s dance moves. This may be a bit boring for those who have been working out a while but a it’s great way to get started with an exercise regimen. The workout video is broken down by the following:

  • 5 minute warm-up
  • 20cardio workout (low-impact)
  • Cool down
  • Music- Funk, Latin, energetic march, rock
  • The setting-beautiful tropical setting


There are a lot more low impact videos available such as volume to of Kathy Smith’s The Secrets of a Great Body, Stormie Omartian’s Better Body Workout, Tanya Tucker’s Country Workout, Suzanne Bowen’s Long And Lean Prenatal Workout that can help set you on the best path for losing weight safely and efficiently. Low impact exercise videos can help you lose weight, get heart healthy and have fun at the same time. For some helpful information on beginner resistance training exercises visit