Back To The Basics With This Summer Workout Plan For Losing Weight

Back To The Basics With This Summer Workout Plan For Losing Weight
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Trust The Basics: Daily Regime

First priority for your summer workout plan for losing weight is to create a daily routine with certain exercises. Naturally, you’re going to want to do things outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

To start, you need to walk every single day. Make an effort of walking for thirty to sixty minutes each day. This could be around a big block within your neighbourhood, out in the country, or on a trail. Walking is by far the simplest way to get rid of excess body fat, and it does not require a lot of sweat or effort; just commitment.

In addition to walking, you’re going to want to do some simple strength and yoga poses. Preferably, these should be done outside. It is summer after all, and doing these positions outside in your backyard is an excellent way to enjoy the weather and relax. Here are three poses that you should try to incorporate into your routine:

Pose #1: Stand up and breathe in deeply. Lift both of your arms into the air above your head. Stretch them really far! Breathe out slowly while tilting your upper body, arms included, to your right. You should feel a slight stretching pain within your left ribcage. Hold this for ten seconds while breathing in and out. Return to the original position, and then do the same for the other side.

Pose #2: Position your body into a push up position. Do one entire push up, then stop halfway through and hold it. Flex your abdominal muscles to hold the position and refrain from moving your body. Remember to breathe in and out while you are doing this pose. Maintain it for ten seconds, then complete another push up and relax in a sitting position.

Pose #3: Again, enter a push up position. Complete one push up, then lift your right arm upwards and stretch it toward the sky. Hold this while breathing for ten seconds. As you probably guessed by now, ten is the magic number. Next, slowly take your right arm down and complete another push up. Then, lift your left arm up and stretch it toward the sky. Really stretch and focus on holding the pose so that you build muscle. After ten seconds, return to the push up position and repeat this process for five reps.

The key benefit here is the fact that you are getting outside to do these positions, but more crucially, you are building muscle while reducing fat and stress. Yoga and strength postures are excellent tactics to employ in your daily schedule for these reasons.

When combined with walking, these will release endorphins in your body; a natural chemical that acts as a mood-enhancer. Meaning, you will be happier! If you happen to be an emotional eater, this will certainly help; as will reducing stress through yoga. Let’s move onto some weekly exercises that you should use.

Mixing It Up: Weekly Summer Regime

Running Is The Best Way To Lose Weight

So, for your daily regime, you want to walk each and everyday while also performing three yoga poses outside. There are a lot of other ways to get rid of access weight though. Because it’s summertime, it makes sense to get out there with certain exercises.

Biking is an ideal activity. Take twenty to forty minutes out of your day at least three times each week. A good schedule to stick with is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Riding your bike does not need to be a major activity. You should sweat, but don’t try so hard that you waste a lot of energy.

If you don’t enjoy biking, you can substitute it with swimming, running, or hiking. Really, you can do anything instead of biking if you want to; just as long as it makes you sweat.

By the way, running is a pivotal exercise that you should considering adding to your summer workout plan for losing weight, even if you are biking or swimming. It sheds a lot of pounds quite quickly. Just remember to employ it after you have become accustomed to exercising.

Scheduling & Time Management

So, to start, your regime is going to look like this. Each day, you will have a nice hearty breakfast. After, you need to go on a walk for thirty to sixty minutes.

Ideally, this should be done before work; even if you work early.

The beneficial aspect of doing it early is the fact that you get your metabolism going immediately; both by eating and exercising.

At lunch have a balanced and healthy meal. After work or in the afternoon, spend some time in your backyard doing yoga and strength poses.

Breathe in the fresh air and feel the gentle breeze while doing this!

After you’re done, the rest of the day is yours. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, or equivalent, do this regime in the same order; but add a bicycle ride during the evening or right after you finish the poses.

As you continue to work on your weight loss efforts, add other forms of exercise. For instance, start walking in both the morning and evenings.

Final Tips & Recommendations

Get Out & Enjoy The Summer With These Tips & Recommendations

It doesn’t require mythical exercises to lose weight, just some effort and commitment. These are simple activities that everyone can do.

Also, remember it’s more than just exercise. It require proper eating and nutrition. Make an effort to restrict your intake to fresh foods. Cook them during the weekend so that you don’t have as much prep to do during the weekdays.

Finally, stay motivated: print off simple sayings that can help keep you motivated. For example, type up a sheet that says “Did You Do Your Exercises?” and others similar. Post these on your fridge, stove, microwave; places where you can see them.

As long as you do simple exercises on a regular basis, eat healthily, and stay motivated, you can succeed with this summer workout plan for losing weight! Believe in yourself!


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