Need a Kettlebell Workout to Lose Weight? Find Out How Kettlebells Can Help You Lose Weight While Building Muscle

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Why Choose Kettlebells?

Kettlebells, aside from looking pretty hard core, are desirable to many weight loss enthusiasts because they help burn calories while converting fat into muscle. Of course, the same thing can be achieved with many pieces of equipment, including home gym systems, but kettlebells offer perhaps a wider range of exercise options.

It’s not easy to get bored with a kettlebell workout to lose weight. Instead of running for miles without purpose on a treadmill, then hopping on a gym system for more seemingly mindless exercises, kettlebells require every ounce of your attention and effort. You must pay attention to where the kettlebell is at all times, especially when swinging it above your head. Thus, your mind stays occupied and you bore less quickly.

Kettlebell Arm Workouts

Kettlebell exercises often involve your entire upper body, and especially your hands and arms. Kettlebell swings, presses and deadlifts are generally the most popular exercises with upper body kettlebell workouts.

Swings involve grasping the kettlebell by the handle and literally swinging it like a pendulum by your side, in front of your body, across your body and above your head. You can do one-arm or double-arm swings, depending on which muscle groups you’re targeting.

Presses work similarly to dumbbell presses. You lay flat on the ground and press up with both hands holding a kettlebell. Just keep your eyes on the kettlebell, as you don’t want to drop one right on your head.

Deadlifts require less overall body motion and focus the strength in the arm, shoulders and back. Deadlifts involve the hands lifting the kettlebells of the floor while keeping the arm straight and the kettlebell stationary.

Kettlebell Leg Workouts

Although your legs don’t do the physical lifting of the kettlebells, holding a pair of kettlebells while doing leg exercises increases the weight and resistance, making your legs work harder. This builds muscle, especially in your quadriceps, and helps you burn calories faster to lose weight.

One such exercise is the goblet squat. Pick up a kettlebell with both hands, sharing the handle. Perform your squats as usual, but keep the kettlebell at chest level. This practically forces you to remain in good posture and steps up the squat challenge besides.

If you’re really in the mood for punishment, you can do your squats with two kettlebells at a time. Hold one kettlebell with each hand, putting both at chest level. Again, perform your squats as usual, keeping your back straight and your arms bent to hold the kettlebells in place.

You can also increase difficulty in your lunges with a kettlebell. Do single-leg lunges (meaning do one leg at a time, don’t walk with your lunges) while holding a kettlebell above your head with the arm on the same side as the leg you lunge with. This also forces proper posture and makes lunging that much harder with the added weight.

Alternate your kettlebell workout to lose weight with different exercises. The whole objective is to not get bored, so incorporate as many different variations of basic kettlebell exercises as possible.

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