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Have you ever had to deal with a broken bone, deep wound, insect sting, or other injury? Help isn't always available right away, so it's important to have some basic first aid and safety knowledge to stabilize injury victims and preserve their respiratory and cardiac function. Read about basic first aid techniques and important safety information in the First Aid & Safety topic.

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  • Basic First Aid Tips for Emergencies
    Learning some basic first aid tips will help you handle common injuries and emergencies. Use these tips to treat burns, stings, bites, cuts, scrapes and other injuries.
  • Basic First Aid Instructions: Treatment for Sprains, Strains, Burns, Wounds, Bites & Stings
    First aid provides a basic level of medical care for injury victims while you wait for trained medical professionals to arrive. Use these basic first aid instructions to provide treatment for some of the most common injuries.
  • Common Surgical Procedures in the United States
    Surgeons in the United States perform millions of surgical procedures each year. These procedures alleviate the symptoms of medical conditions or prevent risks associated with some conditions. Some procedures are more common than others, accounting for a number of the operations performed each day.
  • Basic Contents of a First Aid Kit
    Having a first aid kit on hand at home or on the road gives you an extra measure of safety. With the right first aid kit contents, you can treat minor injuries and provide basic care for an injured person before emergency personnel arrive.
  • Treatment for Brown Recluse Spider Bites
    This article focuses on the treatment of brown recluse spider bites. It also discusses the venom, this spiders habits and where these spiders are found.
  • Guidelines on Infant Choking
    Everyone, especially parents, should be familiar with choking infant guidelines. Learn common causes of infant choking, tips on how to prevent it from happening, and what to do if it does happen.
  • How to do CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)
    In this article you will learn how to do CPR on adults, infants and children. Learn when to call for help, how many breaths/compressions to give when doing one or two person CPR, what to do if the person vomits, and more.
  • Benefits and Uses of Travel First Aid Kits
    Everyone should have a travel first aid kit in the car in case of an emergency away from home. Learn about the benefits and uses of travel first aid kits, as well as how to assemble your own first aid kit with items you can find at any drugstore.
  • Heimlich Maneuver on Children & Adults
    Knowing this simple procedure may one day save someone's life. Learn how to do the Heimlich maneuver on children and adults (conscious and unconscious). Know what to do if the child or adult is obese or pregnant and know how you can help save your own life by doing the maneuver on yourself.
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