First Aid & Safety

Have you ever had to deal with a broken bone, deep wound, insect sting, or other injury? Help isn’t always available right away, so it’s important to have some basic first aid and safety knowledge to stabilize injury victims and preserve their respiratory and cardiac function. Read about basic first aid techniques and important safety information in the First Aid & Safety topic.

Tips on Treating Hornet Stings

Most insect bites and stings are irritating, and some are painful – but hornet stings in particular can really hurt! Read this article to learn how to treat hornet stings in a way that minimizes the pain of the sting.

Otitis externa treatment

Otitis externa, or swimmer’s ear, is a common illness due to a bacterial or fungal infection of the ear canal. In this article, learn about possible otitis externa treatment options and how to prevent swimmer’s ear in the future.

Wolf Spider Bite Symptoms

The wolf spider is probably responsible for most spider bites in North America. Although not especially venomous for humans, it is helpful to be familiar with symptoms of a wolf spider bite.