Childhood ADHD

Children with ADHD exhibit high energy and an inability to focus. Their restless and disruptive behavior can be frustrating for parents, teachers and other caregivers. Learn more about child ADHD, how it affects your child, and tips for parents on how they can help a child diagnosed with ADHD.

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  • Understanding the Causes of ADHD in Children
    About 5.3 million children in the United States have ADHD. If your child is one of them, you probably want to understand what causes ADHD in children. Scientists are researching possible genetic, environmental, social, accidental and medical causes or contributors to the development of ADHD.
  • What You Need to Know about Attention Deficit Disorder
    Although common, attention deficit disorder is often misunderstood by parents and teachers alike. Learn more about this disorder, including its history, causes and treatment.
  • Strategies for Students with Attention Deficit Disorder
    A student with attention deficit disorder (ADD) does not just have challenges paying attention. ADD affects many aspects of learning and functioning in the classroom. Read this article for specific strategies that can help children cope with this disorder and improve their performance as students.
  • Understanding Attention Deficit Disorder in Girls
    For years, ADHD has been considered a disorder that afflicts mainly boys. But new research indicates that girls across the country may have undiagnosed attention disorders. Find out why girls have been overlooked and why it is vital that they receive help to overcome ADHD symptoms.
  • The Differences Between Gifted and Non-Gifted Children with ADHD
    This article addresses the relationship between gifted children and ADHD. It provides a detailed description of the characteristics and traits typical of gifted and non-gifted children with the disorder.
  • An ADHD Prognosis can be Promising
    Parents want a good ADHD prognosis for their child, once they receive a definite diagnosis. Seeing the child struggle with relationships at home, in the neighborhood and in school is not easy. Schoolwork is sometimes another struggle. Treatment is key.
  • Understanding Hyperactivity in Children
    Ever experienced handling a kid who cannot sit still, always has a need to move about, and does not seem to run out of energy? Such hyperactivity in children is very common among those who are diagnosed with the behavioral condition attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • Essential Facts about ADD Children
    ADD children need lots of support, intervention, and attention. They also need lots of love, reassurance and positive feedback, which you and your spouse or partner should be able to provide.
  • Impulsivity in Children - Symptoms and Treatment
    Children who are impulsive tend to act without thinking, blurt out things, and are easily angered. Impulsivity is one of the symptoms of ADHD, but it can also occur in children with sensory processing disorders or it may be an isolated personality trait.
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