Asthma Treatment & Management

There are a number of treatments and medications that may be prescribed to your child, or to an adult with asthma. These include rescue and controller inhalers, peak flow meters, albuterol, steroids and other treatments. Find out more about asthma treatment methods including side effects here.

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  • Delivery Devices for Asthma Medication
    Asthma is characterized by attacks of breathlessness and coughing which can be life threatening at times. Asthma medication delivery devices deliver drugs directly to the lungs and provide quick relief in such circumstances.
  • List of Medications for Persistent and Severe Asthma
    Different asthma medications act on your lungs, airways and body chemistry, helping you control your symptoms so you can live your life normally. Your asthma may have different causes, which makes it necessary for your physician to customize a treatment plan specifically for you.
  • Medications and Treatments to Control Asthma
    Asthma medications and treatments control asthma rather than cure it. They prevent asthma symptoms, reduce the need for rescue inhalers and help you maintain your normal daily activities. Learn about some of the most common treatments available for this condition.
  • Asthma Treatment Options
    Asthma sufferers have several effective treatment options available. Whether you use conventional medications, special breathing exercises or alternative medicines, you can prevent and treat asthma symptoms.
  • How to Use Peak Flow Charts to Determine the Status of an Asthma Patient
    Learn how to understand the reading from a peak flow meter chart so you can better manage your asthma.
  • Pediatric Asthma Protocols: What You Should Know About Asthma in Children
    Asthma can potentially affect the health of children on a severe scale, more so than in adults. It is important to know the appropriate protocols in the diagnosis and treatment of children to best manage the disease.
  • Treatment Options for Bronchial Asthma
    Bronchial asthma is not curable but can be controlled by using appropriate treatments. There are quick-relief and long-term control medications available. Learn about different bronchial asthma treatment options.
  • Quercetin Asthma Treatment
    Learn about the quercetin asthma treatment and whether or not it is the right treatment option for you. Quercetin is a type of antioxidant, which falls into the flavonoid class of antioxidants. It has also been found to treat conditions associated with inflammation such as asthma.
  • Understanding Pulmonary Function Test Results
    By knowing the pulmonary function test results, the physician can properly treat someone who is having breathing problems.
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