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Asthma Patients

For a person with a breathing condition such as asthma, easy breathing is not a given, it’s a hope and desire. Asthma is centered on breathing. This is a condition that can at times make it hard and sometimes downright impossible for a person to take a simple breath. Since asthma concerns breathing, it makes sense that a person would be curious in learning about different breathing treatments for asthma. These breathing treatments include medical and non-medical options, and provide various methods for a person to find which one will work best for them and their type of asthma.

Any medical treatments, over the counter, prescription or natural should be spoken about with your doctor before beginning treatment. Never discontinue a doctor recommended treatment without the doctor’s knowledge and approval.

Natural Breathing for Asthma

There are different options when it comes to asthma treatments, some of which include breathing exercises. Finding which technique will work for you will be a process of elimination. A person will need to try each one out individually to find the correct method that works, and fits for their asthma.

A few breathing treatments that do not involve medication are Yoga breathing, Papworth breathing and Buteyko breathing. Learning how to breathe using breathing treatments for asthma can help a person get control over their symptoms and gain a better understanding of what to do during an attack. An explanation of breathing treatments are explained below.

  1. Yoga breathing teaches slow and steady breathing, along with learning how to take proper deep breaths. Yoga also depletes stress levels which can also help with asthma symptoms flaring.
  2. Papworth breathing method involves different types of breathing, but focuses mostly on breathing from the nose. The Papworth method also works on very deep breathing from deep in the diaphragm. This method helps to steer a person away from over breathing.
  3. Buteyko breathing technique teaches the person to actually breathe less. The idea behind it that is the person is not over breathing, but getting just the right amount of air, an asthma attack can be prevented.

Many of these breathing techniques also teach about lowering stress and eating a proper diet. All of which are important with the control and treatment of asthma.

Medicated Breathing Treatments

Natural methods of breathing for asthma are great, but there are times when medication is needed. In a situation where natural breathing does not help, breathing from an asthma inhaler or a nebulizer breathing treatment are useful.

An asthma inhaler consists of a breathing inhaler with a medication prescribed by a doctor. The patient would take a prescribed amount of puffs from the inhaler during an asthma attack. For times when an asthma inhaler is not enough, a breathing treatment with a nebulizer is the next best thing. A nebulizer turns the prescribed asthma medication into vapors that are continuously breathed in for the duration of the treatment.

Like any treatment, one type will not fit all. A person will need to make an appointment with their doctor to discuss all possible options and then decide which one fits best for their condition and lifestyle.


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