Allergy Testing and Treatment

If you are suspicious you have an allergy you may want to get tested by a doctor or an allergist. Tests can include a skin test, blood test, elimination diet and others. Once the source of the allergy is found there are a variety of treatment methods including antihistamines, cortisteroirds, steroids, immunotherapy and other shots and medication. Learn the process of allergy tests, info on prescribed medication, potential side effects and more.

The Best Non Drowsy Medicine for Allergies

Whether you’re a student or full-time professional, allergies can be annoying, specially when interfering with your work. Most allergy medications will cause drowsiness. Read on to discover the best non drowsy medicine for allergies, its pros and cons,and hot to select the best one for you!

Food Allergy Blood Test

Skin tests and blood tests are used for determining allergies. RAST and ELISA are types of allergy blood tests. There are times when a skin test is not appropriate. Learn more about when a food allergy blood test is necessary and what the results mean.
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