Allergy Testing and Treatment

If you are suspicious you have an allergy you may want to get tested by a doctor or an allergist. Tests can include a skin test, blood test, elimination diet and others. Once the source of the allergy is found there are a variety of treatment methods including antihistamines, cortisteroirds, steroids, immunotherapy and other shots and medication. Learn the process of allergy tests, info on prescribed medication, potential side effects and more.

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  • How Bronchodilators Help Control Asthma
    Learn about bronchodilators and find out how they relieve asthma symptoms. Discover the difference between short-and long-acting bronchodilators.
  • Common Side Effects of Antihistamines
    Many people come to depend on the use of an antihistamine during allergy seasons, or when they come in contact with different daily allergens such as pet dander. Because taking this type of medication is so common, some fail to realize the common side effects of antihistamines before ingesting them.
  • Treatment Methods for Itchy Hives
    The raised red bumps, lumps and welts of a hives outbreak can cause uncontrollable itching. There are many treatment options to help lessen the itch of hives, including OTC medications and home remedies.
  • How to Administer an EpiPen in an Allergy Emergency
    Some allergies cause a life-threatening reaction, resulting in the immediate need of an Epi Pen. Find out how to administer a single shot of adrenaline and why it is used to save lives.
  • Best Dog Breeds for People Who Have Allergies
    Do you feel worse whenever animals are around you? You may be allergic to dogs and their dander. However, you still may be able to keep a pet pooch, as there are some varieties that are better for people with allergies.
  • Side Effects of the EpiPen
    Do you want to know about EpiPen side effects? Learn a basic description of the EpiPen and side effects that might occur.
  • An Overview of Infrared Allergy Treatment
    Learn how infrared radiations are being used in a new technique called infrared allergy treatment. Allergy symptoms can be reduced or even eliminated by using this new alternative allergy treatment.
  • All About Allergy Lab Tests
    If you think you might have allergies, you will want to learn about allergy lab tests so you can find ways to get an upper hand on controlling your symptoms and prevent allergy outbreaks.
  • Tea Tree Oil for Dermatitis
    For those plagued by the discomfort and unsightly symptoms of dermatitis, chemically created creams and other medicinal treatments seem like the only solution. But a more natural and holistic remedy exists for dermatitis - tea tree oil.
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