The Best Non Drowsy Medicine for Allergies

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Many allergy medications invoke drowsiness. This is not necessarily a bad thing because the more the body is at rest, the faster it will heal. With changing lifestyle and sometimes-stressful working environments, however, drowsiness-inducing medicines to combat allergy are not always the best choice. With this in mind, pharmaceutical companies have developed allergy medicines that won’t put you to sleep. The article below discusses some of the best non drowsy medicine for allergies.

Note that the name of the medicines are not given for a separate discussion point, rather they are classified into the broader medicine types. Also, use discretion while using these medicines. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid these.

Leukotriene Receptor Antagonists / Leukast

This is a leukotriene inhibitor drug. The leukotriene are fatty compounds which causes asthma and bronchitis inflammation. Medicines like zafirlukast, zileuton and montelukast are commonly used for treatment. The medicines are especially useful in bronchial asthma and they can be used for longer duration to prevent bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis.


Antihistamines are one of the best non drowsy medicine for allergies. When the body is exposed to allergens, the immune system releases histamine. To cure allergies, antihistamines are commonly recommended. The task of the antihistamines is to block the histamine receptors. Blocking of the histamine receptors induces drowsiness but the blood brain barrier exists in which certain chemicals do not enter the brain from the blood flow. Therefore, the non drowsiness of antihistamine medicines intake comes when the blood brain barrier does not allow certain chemicals that cause drowsiness to enter the brain.

Antihistamines like Desloratidine (Neoclarityn ®), Cetirizine, Levo cetirizine (Xyzal ®), Fexo fenadine (Telfast®), Mizolastine (Mizollen ®) and Loratidine are newer histamines that cause less drowsiness. If patient wants to avoid drowse inducing medicines altogether then medicines like Diphenhydramine (Benadryl®), Promethazine (Phenergon ®) and Chlopheniramine (Piriton®) must be avoided as they penetrate the “blood brain barrier” easily.

Steroid Injections or Tablets

Steroid injections or tablets are not for long term use due to its harmful side effects and potential detrimental effects on the patient’s health. For a short while, doctors sometimes suggest steroid intake when the allergy is serious. They do not cause any drowsiness though. Apart from the tablets and injections, steroid creams are available as well. The creams are to be applied in localized allergic skin lesions. Similarly, steroid containing eye drops and nasal drops are beneficial in allergic conjunctivitis and seasonal allergic rhinitis.

The best non drowsy medicine for allergies are safe for health, except for steroids which are definitely for short term use only. Remember that before using any of the medications above, consult with a doctor. Depending on your medical history and immune system suitability with medicines, doctors recommend the allergy treatment. In any case, the allergy treatment medicines are affordable for anyone.


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