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Find basic information on allergies including how and why they develop. Is there a genetic component or is it based purely on environmental triggers? Learn the symptoms of common allergies and how to reduce the amount of indoor pollution and allergy sources in your home. Read reviews of HEPA products and air filters, tips on hypoallergenic products and more!

Basic Info on Allergies Including Allergy Proofing Your Home & Preventing Attacks

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  • Alleries and Bacteria: The Causes of Conjunctivitis
    Bacterial or allergic conjunctivitis can cause the eye to turn bright pink, giving rise to the nickname of "pinkeye." Although most often seen in younger school-age children, adults are also susceptible to this annoying condition.
  • A List of the Best States for People With Allergies
    California, New England, Washington State, Florida and Ohio all have one thing in common: in 2006 and 2009 all had cities ranking in the Top 100, being the best states for allergies.
  • Strange but True: Weird Allergies to Normal Things
    At some time or another, most people have been subjected to "normal" allergies such as seasonal hay fever, or maybe even food allergies. In addition, there are some very strange allergy symptoms only few people suffer with at any given time.
  • How Do Allergies Develop?
    Allergies develop when the body's immune system reacts inappropriately to substances that are usually considered harmless. Why do some people have allergic reactions to foods such as strawberries or wheat, or to pet dander or dust mites, even though these substances don't hurt the body?
  • How to Reduce Pet Allergens in the Home
    How can you reduce pet allergens in the home? If you do not want to give up your furry best friend, learn what you can do to keep your pet without going crazy.
  • Top Allergy Myths Exposed: Get the Allergy Facts
    Have you heard any of these myths? Get informed with the truth about allergies.
  • List of States With the Lowest Numbers of People With Allergies
    It can be tough to suffer with allergies, but did you know that where you live could be making your allergies worse? This list of states with fewest allergies and related problems will help you find out the best places to live if you suffer with allergies.
  • Is it Possible to Have an Allergy to Sunlight?
    Although most people burn when out in the sun too long, some experience the same pain and physical symptoms after a few minutes of sun exposure instead of hours. These people have an allergy to sunlight, or photosensitivity, a condition that greatly exaggerates the sun's effects on a person's skin.
  • The Major Differences Between Cold and Allergy Symptoms
    You're so congested, you feel like your head's going to explode. You can't stop coughing, and you've used up all the tissues on your sore, drippy nose. Is this a cold, or a bad case of allergies? How can you tell the difference between cold and allergies?
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