How to Turn the Negative Symptoms of Adult ADHD into Positives

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Attitude is everything

Cultivating the right attitude is the first step in learning how to turn the negative symptoms of Adult ADHD into positives. It is said that you are the only one who can determine whether you have a good day or a bad day. The saying is true because how we respond to what happens in our lives goes a long way in determining how we feel at the end of the day.

The same might be said for Adult ADHD. Often the condition is thought of only in negative terms, and there are some negative aspects.Instead of doing that perhaps we should consider how to turn these negative symptoms of adult ADHD into positive assets.

For instance, are you easily distracted or just versatile? The difference is one of perception and attitude. There are some positive aspects of ADHD and those should be considered and developed. For most of the symptoms there is a positive and negative side. Focusing on those positives might make the condition easier to live with, and you might even benefit from the exercise.

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Self Knowledge

The person with ADHD needs to understand himself or herself, and realize they are not crazy, they are just different. Understanding why you do some of the things you do is the beginning of how to convert negative symptoms into benefits.

Creativity is a major asset for people with ADHD. Perhaps it is because they minds are always so active and they see so many possibilities. This can look like the person is distracted, head the the clouds, or just not paying attention. In reality they are dreaming, thinking and seeing things that no one else sees.

Turn this into a positive by understanding what it is and channeling your energy toward new discoveries.

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Being Positive

ADHD people often get bored, or lose interest in things after awhile. This can often lead to things not getting finished and other people might feel let down. This can be turned into a positive though.

Use this ability to dream and come up with ideas. Surround yourself with people who are doers but who might not be such creative thinkers. You can start a project, get others going on it, and they can finish it while you are off to the next project.

A problem can arise when ADHD people get too bored, or when projects fade away. ADHD people need excitement, or stimulating things or they will crash. Turn this into a positive by finding things you are passionate about and stir up that passion by being involved.

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Special Gifts

Missi Darnell, in an article published at Hub Pages, puts a positive spin on many of the problems people with ADHD face.

She sees hyper active as energetic, for instance, or impulsive as spontaneous or unafraid of risks. She seeks carelessness or repeated mistakes as not feeling guilty about making mistakes and being willing to keep trying. She sees being distracted as having the ability to follow multiple conversations or activities at once.

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Bottom Line

The bottom line to ADHD is that it can be managed very well with a good attitude. You cannot control some things, like being easily distracted, but you can control how you respond to that and what it means. Think about how you can make your special ADHD abilities into positive assets.


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