Adult ADHD

Adults can be diagnosed with ADHD as well, even if they were never diagnosed as a child. Symptoms of ADHD in adults can include an inability to focus on work, friends or conversations, being distracted easily, and inability to complete tasks among others. Find out more about adult ADHD, check your symptoms, learn about treatment methods available and how to help friends and family diagnosed with adult ADHD.

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  • What Kind of Support is Available for Adults with ADHD?
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can significantly impact every aspect of adult life. But the disorder does not have to hold you back as there are many personal and professional support systems available.
  • What is the Difference Between Adult ADD and ADHD?
    This article helps answer the common question - "what is the difference between adult ADD and ADHD?" Symptoms are discussed for each type of attention deficit disorder.
  • Spotlight on Adult ADHD Symptoms and Treatment
    While the symptoms of ADHD are similar in children and adults, their effects can be different. Adults with the disorder tend to develop strategies to help them cope with and mask the symptoms, with both positive and negative results.
  • Diagnosis and Coping with Adult ADHD
    ADHD affects adults and children somewhat differently, because an adult with the disorder has often spent his or her life adapting to and coping with the symptoms. For adults, ADHD can lead to poor relationships with friends and family, and difficulty coping at work, but treatment is available.
  • How is ADHD Diagnosed in Adults?
    Although attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is sometimes viewed as a childhood problem, adults also suffer from the many defining characteristics of this condition. The problem lies in recognizing the signs and getting a proper diagnosis. Read on for a clearer picture of adult ADHD.
  • How to Handle a Hostile Work Environment if you have ADD
    Employees with attention deficit disorder have enough challenges following workplace rules, staying focused, and meeting deadlines. Yet another difficulty can involve dealing with a hostile work environment. How do employees help themselves in stopping unsupportive behavior and action at work?
  • The Impact of Adult ADHD on Relationships
    “He never listens to me.” “She’d walk by a fire burning on the stove, she’s so absentminded.” These descriptions could describe people who just don’t pay attention –– or they may describe an adult ADHD relationship. This article offers real-life tips about living in an adult ADHD relationship.
  • Are People with ADHD More Prone to Depression?
    Many studies have established a relationship between depression and ADHD in adults. People with ADHD are 2.7 times more prone to depression than those without the disorder, and one out of every four adults with ADHD suffers from symptoms of depression.
  • What are the Effects of Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults?
    The effects of attention deficit disorder in adults reach into every aspect of their lives, from work and relationships to mental and physical health issues. Many with ADHD are intelligent and creative and can manage these effects and have successful lives through following their passions.
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