Top Tips for Coping and Living with Adult ADHD

Top Tips for Coping and Living with Adult ADHD
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Not Just for Children

In conversation ADHD is associated most often with children. While some of these children find that they outgrow some of the symptoms of ADHD many end up living with adult

ADHD. Though some of the symptoms may change such as the hyperactivity component there are still a large number of symptoms to be dealt with. Medication for ADHD is not a cure it is simply to be used as a tool to managing some of the symptoms. The real work begins in developing life skills that can benefit the ADHD individual in their everyday.

Into Adulthood

There are a number of things that can be done to help those living with adult ADHD get through their days with minimal stress. By the time they reach adulthood, many of those with ADHD have developed some coping skills that they use in their regular life to keep handle of their symptoms. However, there are new challenges facing adults that children do not have to be concerned with such as bill paying and maintaining work place focus as well as parenthood and marriage, all of which can be challenged by ADHD.

Technology Helps

Those living with adult ADHD can benefit from some of the terrific tools out there for the computer. The various task and calendar features that come with most computers can be an excellent way to keep on track particularly if the reminder features are utilized. In addition to these great technological advances there are some basic concepts that can be very hopeful as well such as making sure areas are free of debris and anything that could detract from the tasks at hand.

Simple is Best

Organization is the key to staying in control for individuals living with adult ADHD. This can be accomplished by the use of labeling systems and making sure that everything in the home and workplace has a place to go back to. The organization must also spill over to the tasks at hand for adults. Using checklists is a big part of making it from the beginning to the end of a task. Along these same lines, refraining from over committing oneself is important to minimizing the number of balls one has in the air at the same time. It is often easy to get sidetracked with many projects at one time not getting any of them finished.

Ask for Help

Another excellent way to keep on target in the work place is to be sure that the work area is quite and away from distractions. This may require a conversation with the employer, but most are very accommodating to those living with adult ADHD and are happy to help increase performance and productivity on the job. In addition to a better working environment it is beneficial to keep the work space clear of clutter than can easily distract a person from the work in front of them. This can help to keep the focus where it needs to be.


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