Wellness at Work

Do you want to learn how to make your workplace more healthy? Perhaps you’ve been falling vicitim to the common pitfalls of frequent vending machine visits or ordering out too often for unhealthy food. Learn the small and large steps you can take to get healthy while you work. Get tips on how to organize other co-workers to join you and how to influence the policies on your job to make it more fitness-friendly.

How to Use Exercises to Prevent Carpal Tunnel

Learning and practicing exercises to prevent carpal tunnel are much easier than treating the disorder once it happens. Other methods you can quickly use also exist that will help minimize your chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome or related repetitive stress injuries.

How Neck Muscles Can Be Hurt and Healed

When you sit at your computer at work, do you sit too forward? Are you keeping your head down for long periods of time? These habits and many others can cause distress in your neck muscles if they haven’t already. Start off by admitting that you are having a neck problem rather than brushing it off.

Easy Shoulder Pain Exercise to Prevent Injury

Shoulder pain exercise can ease tension and strain in the shoulder caused by repetitive overhead motion. Setting aside just three minutes a day to practice shoulder pain exercises can decrease the chances of injuring your shoulder in the future.
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