Wellness at Work

Do you want to learn how to make your workplace more healthy? Perhaps you've been falling vicitim to the common pitfalls of frequent vending machine visits or ordering out too often for unhealthy food. Learn the small and large steps you can take to get healthy while you work. Get tips on how to organize other co-workers to join you and how to influence the policies on your job to make it more fitness-friendly.

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  • Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain
    Shoulder pain exercise can ease tension and strain in the shoulder caused by repetitive overhead motion. Setting aside just three minutes a day to practice shoulder pain exercises can decrease the chances of injuring your shoulder in the future.
  • Workplace Exercise to Relieve Stiffness
    Workplace exercise can ease tension and stress throughout the day. Give yourself a break from work with these simple workplace stretching exercises that you can do right at your desk.
  • Best Carpal Tunnel Exercises at Home or at the Office
    Working all day long at a computer can inflict some serious issues with your fingers and wrists. Often, it leads to carpal tunnel. Here's some great carpal tunnel exercises to perform at work or at home to relieve your wrists and fingers of pain.
  • Why You Should Use an Exercise Ball Chair at Your Desk
    You may love your $400 office chair, but chances are it isn’t helping you stay fit at work. Add an exercise ball chair to your workplace wellness plan by substituting it for your regular chair.
  • Improving Fitness at Work
    Improving your fitness at work kills two birds with one stone. You get paid and you get fit.
  • Why Do I Feel Tired and Worn Out?
    Do you experience a lack of energy throughout the day? If so, check out these simple ideas and tips on how to reinvigorate yourself.
  • Natural Cures for Insomnia
    Insomnia affects many people. However, there are natural, proven techniques to discovering how to quiet insomnia for good.
  • Shoulder Stretches for Loosening Muscles and Relieving Injuries
    Whether you endured a shoulder injury or just want to unlock your sore shoulders after a long day at work, these shoulder stretches will help you regain flexibility and relieve the discomfort harbored in your upper body.
  • Exercises to Prevent Carpal Tunnel
    Learning and practicing exercises to prevent carpal tunnel are much easier than treating the disorder once it happens. Other methods you can quickly use also exist that will help minimize your chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome or related repetitive stress injuries.
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