Weight Loss Surgery

There are times when patients find it extremely difficult to lose weight whether this is due to obesity and food addiction, or an underlying medical ailment. In such cases surgery may be the solution to aid in the health in the individual. Learn more about the surgical procedures done to aid in weight loss and health here.

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  • Liposuction Surgery Guide
    If you are considering liposuction surgery it is important to know all of the facts. Read on to learn more about this procedure and whether it is right for you.
  • Lap Band Surgery Failure
    Lap band surgery failure is more common than many bariatric doctors willingly admit to. There are several reasons for failure with these weight loss devices; learn about them here.
  • What to Expect with Gastric Bypass
    Are you more than 100 lbs overweight? Considering Gastric Bypass? Here are the facts about gastric bypass weight loss surgery. Lose your excessive weight in only 18 months and keep it off for life.
  • What to Expect with the Lap-Band System
    Do you have a week of vacation time? Then you have all the time needed to have weight loss surgery with the Lap-Band system. That is right you could have weight loss surgery and return to work in a week.
  • What to Expect Before Surgery
    Are you about to have weight loss surgery? Know what to expect before the big day arrives. There will be a variety of tests and procedures performed before you have surgery. There may also be some requirements you must meet before surgery is allowed you never would have thought of.
  • What is Weight Loss Surgery?
    What is weight loss surgery and is it right for you? Weight loss surgery is a drastic, life changing surgery to help you be a healthier and lighter you. This surgery has been performed for more than 40 years with fantastic results.
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