Interstitial Cystitis Signs and Symptoms

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IC, or Interstitial Cystitis, has a wide and variable list of symptoms. Not everyone with IC will have all of these symptoms and some may have “non classic” symptoms that are not on this list. IC is a very personal disease where it will affect everyone differently. Doctors are still not sure what causes IC or what it really is (autoimmune?). While it is difficult to give a “classic” view of the interstitial cystitis patient, all IC patients will have at least some of these symptoms. Typically, since IC is a disease of exclusion, it will take up to 7 yrs to get a diagnosis. If you do, make sure that you get checked out by a doctor who specializes in urinary troubles.

If you do have IC just remember that the quality of life is going to be up to you, while up to 63% of IC patients cannot work outside the home, it is also one of the highest rates of suicide. Get yourself a support system and a good group around you to help you out in the bad times and rejoice with you in the good times. You are not IC, don’t let IC become you.


1. Pelvic pain and pressure, perineal pain and pressure.

2. Urinary frequency: over 8 times/day; average is 16 times/day; can be up to 60 times/day.

3. Nocturia (having to urinate a lot at night).

4. Urinary urgency: urge not relieved by urinating.

5. Having over 9 months of symptoms.

6. Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

7. Hematuria (having blood in urine).

8. Symptoms worsen during your period.

9. Diminished bladder capacity, not being able to hold much urine.

  1. Scrotum pain and pressure.

11. Dysuria (pain while urinating).

12. UTI (Urinary tract infection) symptoms that do not improve after the course of antibiotic treatment.