Soy Milk and Ulcers

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What Is An Ulcer?

An ulcer whether it is a peptic (stomach), a duodenal (upper portion of the small intestine) or a mouth ulcer, is an open wound or sore which develops in the mucous membranes which line the body’s cavities. When excess acid and irritating drugs or diseases such as a bacterial infection damage the membranes, acids and enzymes eat away at the unprotected tissue resulting in an ulcer. The pain can be excruciating in some cases. Pain usually occurs a few hours after a meal and may be relieved by drinking milk.

Treatments for Ulcer

In mild cases of ulcer, patients are treated with drugs which reduce stomach acid or coat the stomach lining in order to relieve pain. Antacids are also used to relieve pain and so is milk. Milk is considered as an antacid for healing ulcers. Milk is soothing, as it coats the lining of the stomach. In recent times there has been a new interest in soy milk and ulcers. Does soy milk really help with ulcers? This is really a question for debate. There are some schools of thought which say ‘yes’ and some which say ‘no’. There are those nutritionists who advise ulcer sufferers to drink only soy milk and not regular milk if they must drink milk. For those who drink milk to relieve an ulcer, it is advisable not to drink more than two or three cups a day. Drinking large amounts of milk can cause an increase in stomach acid secretion. By the same token if you use soy milk, it should be consumed in small amounts. One cup (4 grams) of soy milk should be taken daily.

No Soy Milk For Ulcers?

Soy products have been hailed for their health benefits in Asian countries for centuries. The Western world has shown an increased interest in soy during the last two decades, praising its health giving properties including its success in weight reduction programs. However in respect to soy milk and ulcers, the answer to the question “does soy milk help with ulcers?” lies in the balance.

Practice Healthy Eating

The conclusion is that soy milk is not perfect, neither is it a miracle healer. A person suffering from an ulcer may use antacids or milk or soy milk to gain relief from pain; but the bottom line is to eat healthy and avoid certain foods. Most ulcers heal after six to high weeks of treatment. The main treatment for ulcers involves avoiding excessive caffeine from coffee, tea, cola and chocolate both during the ulcer experience and after; because there is a high risk of ulcers retuning within a year. Ulcer sufferers who smoke should quit smoking. A person suffering from an ulcer may drink recommended amounts of soy milk and gain relief from his ulcer, but the solution lies in healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits in addition to correct medical treatment.


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