Teen & Child Depression

Depression can affect teens and even children as well as adults. Learn the signs and symptoms that your child or teenager may be depressed and how you can help them through it. Is your teen going through normal moodiness or are their emotions indicative of a disorder? Find helpful articles and information on teen and childhood depression and mood disorders here.



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  • How to Help Victims of Child Abuse Overcome Depression
    This article is a discussion of child abuse and its effects with an in-depth look at helping a child overcome depression. An extensive list of strategies to help a survivor of abuse is provided as well as some resources and how to find other support in your efforts to help.
  • Recognizing the Symptoms of Depression in Young People
    Nearly one quarter of all young adults develop depression by the time they turn 24, however, very few of them seek help for the problem, and the principle reason for this is the absence of a correct diagnosis.
  • Dealing with Teenage Depression in Your Family: Approaches & Treatment
    In America, 1 out of 33 teens suffer from anxiety and depression but for many parents the symptoms are unrecognizable until it is too late. This article provides an insight into the best approaches for teen anxiety and depression that will enable parents to help their suffering teen.
  • The Depressed Child: Recognizing the Signs
    Depressed children may be misunderstood children. The symptoms of childhood depression may manifest in ways that seem defiant, aggressive, reserved or even compliant. Knowing and identifying the signs of depression may dramatically change a child’s life.
  • What Help is Available for a Child with Severe Depression?
    A child with severe depression may have difficulty admitting that they feel depressed and experience trouble identifying their symptoms. In this article, you'll learn ways to identify depression in children and how you can help a depressed child.
  • Spotlight on the Signs of Teenage Depression
    One in five teenagers will experience clinical depression before they are adults, and while the diagnostic criteria are the same, teen symptom expression and warning signs are different. Recognizing these warning signs can be critical to getting teens the help they need.
  • Spotlight on Clinical Depression in Children
    Clinical depression is an alarmingly common problem among children and adolescents. In this article, you'll learn about the common symptoms of clinical depression in children.
  • Spotlight on the Signs of Clinical Depression in Teenagers
    Signs of clinical depression in teenagers may differ from signs of clinical depression in adults. Depression is not normal in teens. The chances are high that a teenager will not “grow out of it."
  • What are the Psychological Effects of Teen Depression?
    Depression is not just an adult mental illness. Many teens suffer in silence every day, being dismissed as a normal moody teen. Being undiagnosed, the psychological effects of teen depression often last longer than necessary.
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