What Are the Best Jobs for Individuals With Eczema Dermatitis?

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Job Hunting

Those living with eczema dermatitis understand how everyday tasks, including finding a job, can be made difficult. In this article, we discuss the best jobs for individuals with eczema dermatitis. Although this condition can be difficult to live with, there are always ways to make life easier.

Jobs to Avoid

You may be wondering what exactly makes a job unsuited for those with eczema dermatitis. Those with this condition know that certain activities, like over-bathing, frequent hand-washing, contact with irritants such as perfumes and detergents, wearing tight fitting clothes, doing activities that cause you to sweat profusely and being under stress, can all lead to a worsening of your eczema dermatitis. For this reason, it is important to avoid jobs which cause you to engage in such activities.

The two most important job types to avoid are those in the health care arena and the food service industry. Neither of these career fields falls into the category of best jobs for individuals with eczema dermatitis. Both of these fields require frequent hand-washing so as not to spread germs from employee to customer. While this is great, it is a no-go for individuals with eczema dermatitis. Stay away from jobs such as nursing, patient care assistant, restaurant server or chef.

In addition, try to not to take a job that will have you doing intense physical labor. Jobs such as personal trainers and laborers can cause you to become sweaty and thus inflaming your eczema dermatitis.

For teenagers, avoid summer jobs that have you outside and in the heat all day. For example, amusement park or plant nursery workers. Once again, you will become sweaty quickly and have to stay like this throughout the day. These jobs can result in over-bathing thus inflaming your eczema dermatitis.

Perfumes and other scented beauty products can irritate the skin so it is vital to stay away from sales associate positions which put you into frequent contact with such products. Working at a mall or retail store is okay as long as you are not in the beauty department.

Any job that has you in tight fitting clothing or puts you under intense stress should also be avoided as these are both triggers for eczema dermatitis.

A Winning Job

So what are the best jobs for individuals with eczema dermatitis? There is a whole world of opportunity for those faced with this condition. Individuals with eczema dermatitis should look for jobs which keep them indoors under temperature controlled conditions. The best types of jobs for these individuals are those within an office, library, or university. None of these jobs require frequent hand-washing, and they all take place indoors. Look for a job that takes place in a ‘dry environment’ or ‘paper jobs.’ Positions such as secretary, receptionist, accountant, or journalist are all ideal for those with eczema dermatitis.

Not only are IT jobs are perfect for those with eczema dermatitis, they are also a very hot career choice. If you are looking towards choosing a career path and you have eczema dermatitis, IT is a great way to go.

While university level jobs are a good idea for those with eczema dermatitis, other school jobs in particular daycare level jobs are not appropriate choices because frequent hand-washing is required of staff to ensure germs are not passed on to children.

Summer jobs can be difficult to secure for those with this condition because many jobs take place outdoors. Some of the best jobs for individuals with eczema dermatitis include working at the movie theatre, working at a mall, or working at a call center are all wonderful options.

There is no shortage of opportunity for those with eczema dermatitis. these were just a few of the best jobs for individuals with eczema dermatitis, but it is up to the individual to search around and find a job that is both fulfilling and eczema dermatitis-friendly.


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