Panic Disorders & Panic Attacks

Panic disorder is also known as panic attack disorder or anxiety attacks. Individuals suffering from a panic disorder experience sudden bouts of panic including fear, a need to escape and can include physical symptoms. Panic disorders are treatable! Learn more about the symptoms, causes and treatment of panic disorders and attacks.


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  • How can you help when your Child has a Panic Attack?
    It can be extremely distressing to watch someone you love have a panic attack. For parents there is the added stress of trying to help children get through the experience without physical harm. Learning about child panic attacks and how to cope with them can help ease parents' worries.
  • Focus on Breathing Techniques for Anxiety
    Breathing techniques can put you in control of your panic attack symptoms. They need practice but the time you take is worth it. Read on to find out more about breathing techniques for panic attacks.
  • Why are you Agoraphobic?
    A person suffering from this debilitating condition is frightened of having a panic attack that will be witnessed by a lot of people, and that they will be unable to control themselves.
  • Can Panic Disorder Be Cured?
    People who suffer from panic or anxiety disorders often seek the answer to the question, can panic disorders be cured? To answer this question, Jean Scheid does some research with some surprising results.
  • Notable Case Studies of Panic Disorders
    A collection of case studies of panic disorder. These case studies give an insight into what it is like to live with panic disorder, and the factors that may lead to its onset.
  • Effective Medications for Teenage Panic Attacks
    The teen years can be a very stressful time. It is no wonder that so many teenagers are subject to panic attacks and anxiety disorders. However, medications for teenage panic attacks can alleviate some of the problems.
  • Panic Attacks During the Night
    Can you have panic attacks in your sleep? The short answer to this question is yes, unfortunately you can. Sleep panic attacks aren’t necessarily the same as the kind you might have when awake, but they can be just as distressing.
  • Natural Methods for Treating Panic Attacks
    Many people experience some anxiety in our fast-paced world, however, when panic sets in the symptoms can be overwhelming. Medications are used to quell panic, but there are also some natural alternatives that can be quite successful.
  • Can Smoking Cause Panic Attacks?
    Smoking and panic attacks are intricately linked. Smoking sometimes causes panic attacks and panic attacks sometimes cause smoking! Read on to learn how smoking may cause panic attacks.
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