Borderline Personality Disorder

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Borderline Personality Disorder

So, the question on your mind is how to deal with borderline personality disorder girlfriend? Too understand what you need to do if your girlfriend has borderline personality disorder you need to understand what types of traits can be associated with the disease.

-Severe fear of abandonment

-A string of bad relationships

-Alcohol addiction

-Severe dependency on others

-Unstable self image

-Act unstable in self destructive ways such as many sexual partners, substance abuse, binge eating, or reckless driving

-Intense mood swings such as severe irritability to severe depression

-Temper tantrums which may result into fist fighting

-Having feelings of suspiciousness or paranoia for no reason

-Long term feelings of emptiness

-Suicidal thoughts

-Self mutilation

WebMD stresses the fact that not every person who has five or more of these symptoms are diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. The symptoms of borderline personality disorder have to be severe and long lasting enough for a person to be diagnosed with the disorder. Now that we have covered the symptoms, lets cover what to do if your girlfriend has borderline personality disorder.

Ways to Help Your Girlfriend If She Has Borderline Personality Disorder.

Studies say that a perfect way that you can help your loved one with borderline personality disorder is therapy. Seeking therapy is a great way for you and your girlfriend to set up boundaries for the times when the anger is getting ready to lead up to a blow up. With boundaries set up you and your loved one will be able to start working past the anger to happier days.

People with borderline personality disorder often respond negatively or angrily to suggestions that they may need psychiatric help. It will take time and patience on the part of you to make your girlfriend understand that she needs help. Along with the time it takes for your girlfriend to go to counseling it will take even longer to set up boundaries. Even if your girlfriend is resistant be patient with her and work towards those boundaries.

Remember You Have the Right to Be Happy too.

We have gone over what to do if your girlfriend has borderline personality disorder now we need to cover the next important thing, loved ones. The loved ones of people with borderline personality disorder often walk on eggshells to avoid making their loved one angry. What you have to know is that if you keep walking on eggshells around your girlfriend you are only going to strength the patterns of borderline personality disorder in your girlfriend’s brain. When your girlfriend thinks that there are no problems in the way that she is treating you there are going to be no improvements.

What to Do If Your Girlfriend’s Condition Worsens.

Not every person with borderline personality disorder is going to become suicidal, self mutilating, or become addicted to alcohol. Even though the more severe symptoms only happen on rare occurrences they do happen.

If your girlfriend has became addicted to alcohol, sex, has strong suicidal urges or is hurting herself or others it is time to call in for reinforcements. Even though you may feel as if you have no one there to help you with your girlfriend you do. Some great options to call in to help you with your girlfriend would be parents, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents. If none of those options are available to help your girlfriend you can always contact the local police department for more options to help her.

If you are willing to stay with your girlfriend who has borderline personality disorder you may have a tough road ahead. If you are still wondering how to deal with borderline personality girlfriend the biggest thing is knowing patience and understanding will be what makes the difference. Love your girlfriend for who she is, and try to work past the things that she can not change.


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