Other Eating Disorders

There are a variety of other eating disorders including eating disorders not otherwise specified, which can include a combination of anorexia, bulimia and other symptoms. Learn more about pica, the desire to eat non-food objects, night eating syndrome, compulsive exercising and other eating and body image disorders. Recognize the symptoms of disorders, learn treatment methods and how to help someone suffering through a disorder.



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  • Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Goes Bad
    Did you ever think eating healthy could be a problem? Well if it gets out of control, it can be. Learn how this can affect one's health, and find more information about the eating disorder called orthorexia.
  • Essential Facts about Eating Disorders
    Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating are the three major types of eating disorders. Learn about each of these as well as others, including information and statistics on people with eating disorders.
  • How Does Body Image Affect Eating Disorders?
    Researchers have found a strong connection between eating disorders and body image. The increase in eating disorders today may be due to the fact that the media has inundated society with inaccurate stereotypes, leading to distorted body images across the board.
  • Spotlight on the Causes of Orthorexia
    As kids, we have often been told to eat healthy and stay away from "junk" food. Healthy eating gives the body more energy, boosts our immune system and strengthens bones. However, it appears that some people take their healthy eating to the extreme.
  • Treatment for Pica in Adults and Children
    Nutritional deficiencies can cause children and adults to experience unusual cravings for non- food items, such as dirt, ice and soap. This is an eating disorder called Pica. Pica in adults and children can easily be corrected. Treatment involves correcting the nutritional deficiencies.
  • How Behavioral Interventions for Pica Work
    Pica is a medical disorder characterized by the consumption of non-food substances and objects. The main goal of behavioral interventions for pica is to reduce and/or eliminate the habit of eating these non-food items.
  • How Does Psychotherapy for Anorexia Work?
    Anorexia is usually treated with some form of psychotherapy. Different approaches may work better than others. Psychiatry magazine states, “Almost every type of psychotherapy has been used on anorexic patients...” Find out information on the most common types in this article.
  • Does Your Child Have an Eating Disorder?
    If your child is exhibiting very strange eating habits they may have an eating disorder. These are important predictors of eating disorders in adolescence and adulthood, so it is important that parents take the necessary steps to manage and treat them effectively.
  • Top Tips on How to Stop Night Eating
    Do you find yourself reaching for snacks at night? You feel cravings and you want to stop your night eating because you know it is not healthy to eat at night. However, controlling our cravings and stopping ourselves from night eating is not so simple. Like all habits, we need a plan.
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