At What PH Level will Cancer Cells Die? Curing Cancer by Bringing Your Body into a Healthy PH Balance

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In my article entitled, Cancer, Our Body’s Cry for Help, the proven connection between a lack of oxygen to our cells and the growth of cancer was explained. All cancer cells were once healthy, normal cells that began to mutate due to a lack of life-giving oxygen. In their new, mutated state, the presence of cancer cells became the sounding alarm that a drastic change needed to take place in order to restore our bodies to an oxygen rich and balanced state. Looking at the presence of cancer in a new and holistic manner, let us adopt the philosophy that “killing” the cancer cells is not really the way to view an overall healing. If cancer cells are “killed” or eradicated, the internal problem which caused these once healthy cells to mutate is left unaddressed.

Instead, a more balanced and naturalistic view would be to make a clear effort to restore our body to a balanced and healthful state so that cancer cells have no reason to form. Cancer is not our enemy. Cancer is simply a symptom of a deeper imbalance within our body that must be discovered and dealt with.

At What PH Level Will Cancer Cells Die?

With this understanding in mind, one of the best ways to monitor the level of balance in your body is by testing your own PH levels. Think of PH levels in the same way you would use a thermometer to monitor a sick child. A proper and normal temperature reading is a good indication that your child is not currently fighting off a virus or illness. PH levels are a bit more complex than a temperature reading, but first you must have a basic understanding at a simple level. Once it begins to make sense, you will be able to increase your knowledge in this area, until the puzzle pieces begin to fit together in a more comprehensive manner.

The term PH, is the shortened chemical term for “hydrogen ion concentration.” PH levels are measured in numbers. Picturing a line that runs from a severely acidic state to a middle of the road neutral, and then to alkaline at the opposite end of the spectrum. Numbers that are less than 7 are considered to be acidic, while numbers higher than 7 are basic or alkaline. But at what PH level will cancer cells die? The ideal and target PH level is 7 to 7.2, which is neutral to slightly alkaline. This is the number you are looking to achieve.

The readings we do not want to see are numbers that reveal an acidic state in our bodies. An acidic state indicates a lack of life-giving oxygen to our cells, which, as stated in a previous article, is the prime environment for healthy cells to mutate into cancer cells or other degenerative conditions.

Dr. Otto Warburg, two time Nobel Prize winner, is highly respected for proving the direct correlation between oxygen deficiency and the mutation of cells into cancer. The basic truth is this: more acidic levels equals less oxygen and provides a perfect environment for cancer cells to thrive.

There are many other factors, for this is a complex subject, but in order to begin a monitoring system for the balance of your body, the purchase of PH paper is a good starting point. Available at most health food stores, it is quite easy to use. Simply tear off a piece of the PH paper, touch it to the saliva on your tongue, and judge the color it has turned by comparing it with a chart that comes with the PH paper. It is best to take this reading first thing in the morning before eating or drinking.

If your reading shows an acidic state, your body is not healing well.

If a base or alkaline state is revealed through the test paper, oxygen is reaching your cells and your body is working in a way to promote healing and the disappearance of cancer cells.

In brief, let us look at the decisions we can immediately make to change an acidic, oxygen deprived state into a base or alkaline state.

To help correct an acidic state: Of course there are many careers that are hazardous, such as working with pesticides, waste products, and certain chemicals. In this article, we are going to look at some of the foods that can put our body in a highly acidic, oxygen-deprived state. When attempting to detox and to bring your body into a state of balance, it is best to remove the following food and drink from your diet: Processed dairy, animal protein, alcohol, starch, sugars, and highly processed foods.

To promote an alkaline state: Consumption of dark green, leafy vegetables (preferably organic), onions, avocados, apples, lemon, oranges, and strawberries.

By avoiding the acidic foods for a period of time, your body will not only return to a proper PH state, but it will begin to detoxify itself, which will result in additional energy, clear thinking, and an overall state of well being.

In all that we do, it is important to remember that our bodies are designed to assess and heal themselves. We have to be on the same team and assist our body’s natural healing powers. This is the basic philosophy of holistic medicine. Instead of aggressive approaches to merely treat the symptoms, we must spend our days assisting our body’s own efforts to maintain an optimum state of health and well being.


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