Other Cancers

Tumors can be developed and diagnosed in any part of your body from your blood cells to your organs. Some tumors are benign; cancer describes a malignant tumors. Read informative articles covering the latest research cancer, genetic factors and mutations, new treatment methods and more. A healthy lifestyle, knowing your family history and regular screening are some methods of preventing development of cancer.

PET Scan for Cancer of the Bone

A PET scan can be used to detect the presence of bone cancer. A radioactive tracer is injected into the body and a scanner images the emissions. The radioactive material accumulates in cancer cells at a higher rate than normal cells. Learn more about PET scan for bone cancer.

Different Types of Chemotherapy Drugs

There are several different types of chemotherapy used to treat cancer. Alkylating agents, antimetabolites, anti-tumor antibiotics, topoisomerase inhibitors, mitotic inhibitors and corticosteroids are different classes of drugs that are effective against cancer.

Symptoms of Tongue Cancer

Tobacco users and alcohol drinkers should always be on the lookout for possible signs and symptoms of tongue cancer. An abnormal oral lesion is often detected during a routine dental exam. Further testing can help determine if the suspicious areas is malignant.