Postmenopausal osteoporosis is the most commonly diagnosed form of osteoporosis, although it can be diagnosed in men and women of all ages. This condition occurs primarily in older women as a result of loss of bone density. Learn more about the causes of osteoporosis, prevention, symptoms and treatment.

Exercise for Women With Osteoporosis

Exercise for Women With Osteoporosis

Millions of women have osteoporosis or are at high risk due to low bone mass. Although it has no outward symptoms, this disease can greatly affect the quality of your life. Fortunately, exercise for women with osteoporosis can slow down bone loss and reduce risk of injury

Osteoporosis Post Menopause

A woman’s fertility begins at puberty with the onset of the first menstrual bleeding and ends at the menopause. Both of these events are marked by hormonal changes in a woman’s body. The risk of osteoporosis post menopause increases due to a decline in estrogen levels. It can be treated by HRT.
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