Symptoms & Diagnosis of OCD

There are some common obsessions and symptoms associated with OCD including fear of germs, hand washing, constantly checking things, worry and calling in to check on family and other symptoms. Some have obsessive thoughts without compulsions. Learn the difference between normal behaviors, and obsessive behavior, and how OCD is medically diagnosed, and what's the difference between OCD and OCPD.

Perfectionism and OCD: An Insight

Perfectionists strive for perfection with everything they do. Because they are never able to reach it, anxiety and depression take over. Perfectionism and OCD can be a problem for individuals who never know when their work is good enough.

Do I Have OCD?

OCD, or obsessive compulsive disorder, is a treatable anxiety disorder characterized by unwanted obsessions and compulsions. If you or someone close to you has ever wondered, “Do I have OCD?” then review these common OCD symptoms to help determine if you need to see a medical professional.