Causes of OCD

The causes of OCD and OCPD include both biological and psychological factors. Research has indicated genetics, stress and brain conditions could all be factors, but no one has pinpointed one definitive cause. Discover some of the reasons behind obsessions and compulsions, explore current research and discuss new findings with others.

Why People Hoard

Compulsive hoarding or compulsive hoarding syndrome is the excessive collection of unnecessary items, and the inability to discard them. Read on for an insight into the causes of hoarding.

What Causes OCD in Children? Possible Causes of OCD

If your child has recently been diagnosed with OCD, you may be feeling guilty that you somehow “caused” the disorder. Understanding what causes OCD in children can help you come to terms with how the disorder developed so that you can move on to working with your child on treating it effectively.

A Review of Environmental Factors and OCD

New research into OCD causes continually yields the possibilities that biological factors and environmental influences interact with cognitive processes to cause OCD. Read on to find out more about environmental factors and OCD.

How to Help a Hoarder Stop Accumulating

Is there a hoarder in your life who could use your help? Hoarding is an obsessive behavior that’s a threat to a person’s well-being and the health of people around them. Here’s how to help a hoarder overcome their habit.

A Glimpse into the Psychology of Hoarding

News programs and television shows have explored the habits of hoarders, or people who excessively collect useless or hazardous items. What exactly is hoarding, and is it a disorder itself or a symptom of another condition? Continue reading for a detailed explanation of the psychology of hoarding.