Sheetz Food: Nutrition Facts for Sheetz Meals, Coffees, Smoothies, Cookies, Muffins and Much More

Sheetz Food: Nutrition Facts for Sheetz Meals, Coffees, Smoothies, Cookies, Muffins and Much More
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Sheetz Food Nutrition Facts

For anyone who wants to eat healthy, it is necessary to watch what he/she eats, especially when dining out. The Sheetz deli sandwich, the chocolate cake and the other items on its menu may be delicious, but are they healthy for your heart, nutritious for your kids or will they help you in managing your weight?

What you need are nutrition facts for the different Sheetz food, so that the next time you order something, you can make some wise choices. Sheetz classifies its items into four sections. Let’s have a look at some of the items in all these four sections and find out which are healthier options.

Nutrition Facts for Sheetz Meals and Snacks

Sheetz provides a range of meals and snacks including sandwiches, wraps, burritos, salads, pretzels and subs. Since all the foods are made-to-order, you can choose the ingredients that you want in all these food items. Their fried appetizers, gourmet burgers and nachos have high calories, so you better watch how much of these you dig into.

For example, a 306g of mozzarella sticks contains 623 calories, 52 mg cholesterol and 2048 mg sodium. Although, it does provide 51% of daily value of calcium, its high cholesterol and sodium content does not make it a very healthy food. Keep in mind that the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for sodium is 2400mg.

Their sandwiches, salads and wraps are much healthier options. For example, a turkey and cheese wrap provides you 335 calories, 15g fat, 32g carbohydrates and 31g protein. On the other hand, a chicken salad wrap with lettuce, tomato and onions gives you 560 calories.

A chef salad with no dressings and no toppings gives you 145 calories, 3g fats, 12g carbs and 21g protein. Of course, the calories and fats will go up with the toppings and dressing that you select.

Nutrition Facts for Sheetz Specialty Coffees

Sheetz also provides made-to-order specialty beverages. These include mochas, espressos, lattes, smoothies and steamers. You will again need to be careful and choose ingredients that are not too high on fat. Just choosing skimmed milk over whole milk or avoiding whipped cream can help you cut down the calories and fats.

For example, a small sugar free caramel vanilla latte with whipped cream provides 87 calories, 2g total fat, 5mg cholesterol and 96mg sodium. It also provides 22% of the daily value of both vitamin A and calcium.

Choose your Sheetz fruit smoothie carefully

A regular size chocolate covered strawberry smoothie provides you 462 calories, 94g carbs and 78g fat. It is also quite high in Vitamin A and C. You add cream base to this and you will end up adding 120 more calories to your smoothie. If you choose their fat-burner option, your calorie intake goes down to 342. So, choose what you want in your smoothie very carefully.

Nutrition Facts for Sheetz Self-serve Coffee Beverages

The self-serve beverages from Sheetz are mostly low in calories and a great treat for someone who is dieting. You can choose from six flavors and the highest amount of calories that you get from a large size cup is just 15 calories. They contain no fat, no sodium, no sugars, and the carbohydrates are also very low, which make them heart-friendly too.

An addition of creamers will increase the calories. However, here also you can choose the Equal, Splenda or Sweet ‘N low packets to avoid adding more calories.

The weight-watchers should stay away from the Cupo’ccino or Hot Chocolate section. But if you just can’t resist it, go for the smallest size of almond-honey flavor or the chocolate covered pretzel which provide 195 calories with 45 and 53 of the calories coming from fat, respectively.

Nutrition Facts for Sheetz Bakery Items

Sheetz offers a range of cookies, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, muffins and cupcakes. Among its seven different types of cookies the Chocolate and Peanut Butter No Bakes varieties are lowest in calories at 180 whereas the Pink Iced Cookie has the highest at 270. The cholesterol ranges from 15 to 20g. The amount of sodium ranges from 60 to 210mg, with the pink iced cookie at the highest end.

Its cinnamon rolls are high in calories with the highest being the cream cheese icing cinnamon roll at 460 calories. The sodium levels range between 400 to 440mg. However, they are completely cholesterol-free.

You can expect to get calories ranging from 480 (old fashion vanilla cake) to 290 (glazed ring) from their muffins and cupcakes. Blueberry or carrot cake muffins get you 440 calories but are also high on cholesterol. These muffins and cupcakes are also high in sodium with 490mg being the highest for chocolate iced cupcake.

The Sheetz bakery items are not very high on nutrients, the only exception being the carrot cake muffin which provides 35% of the daily value of Vitamin A.

So, the next time you order something from this popular food joint, keep these Sheetz food nutrition facts in mind. It will help you control your calorie intake and have a delicious yet heart-friendly meal. For the made-to-order food and beverage items, make sure to check out the Sheetz website to calculate the total calories and amount of nutrients that you can get from your preferred choice of ingredients.


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