The Basics of Nutrition

Learn the fundamentals and basic nutritional concepts here. Learn why certain vitamins and minerals are essential for your health and well-being, as well as why certain food groups and a right amount of water will keep you healthier and happier. How is fat stored in your body? How do you burn it? Get the answers to these questions and more here.

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  • Eat Your Way to Alertness
    Today’s busy lifestyles and extended work hours sap busy professionals of their energy. Many people find their enthusiasm and positive nature wearing off as the day progresses, and become disorganized and distracted by the end of the day. A healthy diet helps to sustain mental focus.
  • Eat Your Way to Success at Work
    A successful executive diet strategy involves eating foods that promote overall health, alertness, memory and energy, avoiding foods that induce fatigue and sap energy and following some smart eating tips.
  • The Calorie Calculator: Find Out How Many Calories You Burn in a Normal Day
    How many calories do you burn in a normal day? The answer depends on your lifestyle, age, height, weight and gender. Apply these factors to the Mifflin equation and Harris Benedict equation and find out the answer.
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid
    Many people believe the government's food pyramid is far too conservative, and is influenced too much by lobbies and political interests. Take a look at this alternative food pyramid.
  • Best Food Sources of Complete Protein
    Proteins are complex organic compounds found in every cell of the human body, and all body fluids except bile and urine. They repair body cells and create new cells to replace dead ones, but not all protein support these essential biological functions.
  • Choosing, Storing and Preparing Kale
    Kale is often overlooked in the produce aisle, but this green leafy vegetable is packed with nutritional value.
  • Apples: Are They All the Same?
    Learn about the different types of apples and find out their nutritional benefits.
  • Can You Have Too Many Vitamins?
    Too many vitamins can prove dangerous. This article explores how to know if you are getting adequate vitamin levels, and how much is too much.
  • Electrolytes are Important
    Electrolytes help are body function are especially important to replenish for athletes. These chemicals keep our muscles and budy functions running smoothly.
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