Treating Radiation Burns Naturally: Natural Remedies to Help Heal Radiation Burns

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Radiation burns can range from very minor to very severe. Regardless of the severity, all patients should consult a medical doctor prior to treating radiation burns naturally. Radiation burns can be caused by accidental radioactive material exposure or by the radiation treatment used to treat certain diseases and conditions, such as cancer.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known to be helpful in the treatment of burns. It should be applied directly to the affected area using a sterile stick or gloves. Aloe vera can be applied liberally and it can be reapplied several times a day. To help increase the soothing power, keep the gel in a cold place, such as in the refrigerator.


This is a substance found in turmeric. It is thought to help decrease how many burns and blisters a person will get when taken before a dose of radiation treatment. This would be consumed internally. Some simply eat something containing turmeric and some make a tea.

Cool Water

Cool water is one of the simplest things that can be done when treating radiation burns naturally. Use cool water, and apply it to sterile gauze. After soaking the gauze with cool water, simply apply it to the burned area and leave it there. Once it is barely damp, remove it. Always make sure the water is cool and never cold. This can be repeated several times a day.

Milk and Honey

Milk and honey work best when the burn is first degree only. Mix one cup of milk with a tablespoon of honey. Make sure this is mixed thoroughly so that there are no chunks of honey. Once the milk and honey are thoroughly mixed, dip sterile gauze into the cup or bowl used and thoroughly soak it. Wring the gauze out slightly so that it is not dripping everywhere and then apply it to the affected area. Like the cool water gauze, make sure to remove it once it is barely damp. This can be repeated several times a day.

Fresh Pumpkin Pulp

Fresh pumpkin pulp can help to draw out the heat and pain associated with radiation burns. To use this remedy, take some fresh pumpkin pulp and apply it directly to the burned area for about fifteen minutes at a time. Once fifteen minutes is up, remove the fresh pumpkin pulp and gently cleanse any excess from the area using cool water and sterile gauze. If more needs to be applied wait about ten minutes and then reapply. Be sure to apply this using a sterile stick or gloves.


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