Top Ten Tips on How to Be Healthy: Learn How to Lose Weight Naturally and Become Your Best You!

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Top 10 Steps to Becoming Healthy

I once heard that what you don’t eat is more important than what you do eat. Yes, there are some foods that are so destructive to our health that we should just stay away from them altogether. There are some foods that are so healthy for us that we should include them in our diets every day. For many people, the idea of giving up certain foods is so overwhelming that they do not even want to attempt to become healthy. Well, I propose a new way of thinking about how to get healthy. Forget trying to give up anything!!! Yes, you heard me right. Most of us have so many emotional connections to food that the idea of giving them up simply seems impossible. So, I don’t think you should try to give anything up!! Instead, add some healthy foods to your daily diet. The more healthy things you commit to eating on a daily basis and the less you try to restrict yourself, the more you will begin to desire the healthy foods and not crave the damaging foods.

I also believe strongly that getting to the bottom of why you are trying to calm yourself with food is a must!! Remember that you are normal if you use food to comfort yourself. Don’t fight it. Most of us feel greatly comforted by food. Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures after all. So, admit that you do use food for comfort and try to find other ways to feel comforted. Find your passion in life and go after it. Work on forgiving yourself and those you love. Get rid of bitterness towards yourself and others especially those close to you. If you are not emotionally healthy, you will never achieve optimal health. Stress is the worst offender of good health!

Now for my top ten tips on how to be healthy AND how to lose weight naturally, drum roll please:

1. If at all possible, do stop eating refined sugars and processed carbohydrates. Instead, choose sprouted grain breads, whole grain flours and natural sweeteners.

2. Eat a big salad full of dark greens and lots of colorful vegetables every single day. Use a natural dressing or make one with olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar, Celtic salt and fresh cracked pepper. For an extra boost, chop up some fresh garlic and use fresh herbs or mustard and some stevia to sweeten it with.

3. Decide to eat sweet things every day if you crave sweets but with this one condition…everything sweet you eat will be raw. WOW, what does that even mean? Well, you can check out this book for a good idea, The Raw Food Detox Diet, by Natalia Rose. There are so many amazing ice creams, cookies, brownies, etc… that you can make raw so that they are actually adding to your health instead of taking away from it. Many of these have a lot of good fat in them which will actually help your body rid itself of fat.

4. Drink at least one green smoothie every day. This, along with the salad will really add a lot nutrition to your body and will help you to stop having unhealthy cravings. You can add some whey protein, flax seeds, spirulina, coconut oil and bee pollen to it for an extra big health boost.

5. Get your sleep and exercise. These are both so important to your well being. Turn off that TV. I have never heard a hard working, successful person say, “boy, I am sure glad I spent time watching TV every day. It really helped me succeed.” Get an inspiring book to read before you go to sleep instead.

6. Add sprouts to your life. Sprouted seeds and grains are immensely nutritious and full of live enzymes. It is also a good idea to add some sea vegetables to your diet such as Nori, Dulse Wakame etc… You can simply buy some dulse and add it to your salad dressing or just sprinkle it on your food. Sea vegetables are very high in vitamins, minerals and even trace minerals. Take digestive enzymes with each meal. Proteolytic enzymes are a great help as well.

7. Drink more pure water. Water does an amazing job of detoxifying your body. The trick though is not to drink water with your meals. This will just dilute your digestive juices and cause your body to not be able to digest efficiently. Wait two hours after a meal and do not drink anything 30 minutes before you eat. It is amazing how much energy you will get from doing this. Sometimes thirst is actually disguised as hunger so there is a good chance that when you drink water, that hungry feeling will go away.

8. Try to make the switch from coffee to green tea or even better, a non caffeinated herbal tea if possible. Drinking tea at the end of a meal is a good way to get your mind off of food and onto something that is a great ritual, but will not add calories.

9. If you feel the desire to eat, but you just ate 2 hours ago, you may actually be looking for a way to change your mood. See if you can find something to occupy yourself for at least one hour. Set a timer and drink some water. Tell yourself that you will eat in one hour. This will set your mind at ease. Then find a way to stay occupied or a way to feel fulfilled for that hour.

10. Work on your thought life and your self talk. Begin to take notice of the things that you are regularly telling yourself. Are your first thoughts in the morning ones of gratitude or of complaint? Actively begin to think more positively. Think of three things you are thankful for the minute you wake up. Think of three reasons you are happy to be you. Your circumstances may be beyond your control, but your thoughts are not!

11. Consume medicinal mushrooms. Find a supplement that contains at least these five mushrooms: reishi, maitake, shitake, coriolus, and agaricus.

12. Consume kefir and other fermented foods. These amazing immune enhancing, health building foods will put your body in balance and fight disease.

You may decide to also add a multiple vitamin supplement to your routine. This can be a great help in eliminating cravings.


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