Major Depression

Everybody feels sad or depressed once in a while as a normal part of life. However, when feelings of sadness and despair become so overwhelming it limits your ability to function or enjoy daily activities you may be suffering from major or clinical depression.
There’s no shame in admitting you may be depressed. Depression can have many causes and can be cured. Treatments can include therapy, medication or some natural methods like change of diet or lifestyle. Major depression is also known as major depressive disorder (MDD) or clinical depression. Learn the symptoms of major depression and how to distinguish it from normal feelings of sadness. Besides feeling sad, symptoms of depression can also include fatigue, weight gain or loss, confusion, lost interest in hobbies or activities and other symptoms.

The Top TenSigns Of Depression

There are common signs of depresison to be aware of, however, not everyone experiences the exact same signs and symptoms and the frequency or duration of the symptoms vary among those who are depressed.

What is Depression and how does it Affect People

Most people are familiar with the sad, down feelings that accompany depression. In fact most people will suffer from depression at some stage of life. It may be fleeting or it may develop into a major problem. Read on for answers to the question of ‘what is depression?’

Symptoms and Signs of Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is a term commonly used to refer to one of several types of clinical depression. The most common are major depressive disorder and dysthymia. In this article, you will learn about the signs and symptoms of these two different forms of clinical depression

Definition of major depression

Major Depression is a serious mental illness with overwhelming feelings of sadness and loneliness. The symptoms of depression are so severe that they interfere with daily living and may lead to serious consequences, including suicide.

Anxiety Compared to Depression

A comparison of anxiety to depression shows differing underlying emotions and symptoms, while also revealing commonalities. Anxiety and depression can both be present as co-occurring disorders or in isolation.

Spotlight on the Signs of Depression

Depression is a serious psychological condition that reduces enjoyment of life and may lead to suicide. Treatment is most successful when symptoms are noticed early on. Common signs of depression include changes in sleeping and/or eating patterns, social withdrawal, fatigue, and anhedonia.

How To Deal With Stress And Depression

Stress and depression are common, treatable mental health conditions that often occur together. In addition to medication and therapy, you can use self-care techniques, such as diet, exercise and relaxation therapies to help get rid of your stress and depression symptoms.

Facts about Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is not just feeling occasionally sad or down in the dumps. It is a serious mental illness that can severely impact your overall mental and physical health and quality of life. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most interesting facts about clinical depression.

Clinical Depression In Men: An Insight

Although clinical depression is typically thought to be a ‘woman’s disease’ it affects both sexes. When men suffer with clinical depression their symptoms are frequently covered up by unhealthy behaviors, for example substance abuse. Read on to find out more about clinical depression in men.

What is Melancholic Depression?

What is melancholic depression? Good question. With so many types of depression, it is easy to get confused about which symptoms match a particular diagnosis. Here, we will discuss the definition and symptoms of melancholic depression.