Lung Cancer

Those diagnosed with lung cancer are more likely to die than any other form of cancer. Smoking is a primary cause of lung cancer, but it is also diagnosed in those that have never smoked before. Learn more about the causes of lung cancer, warning signs and symptoms and treatment of this disease.

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  • Warning Signs of Lung Cancer
    Symptoms vary depending on the stage of the disease. Learn if you are at high risk, what lung cancer warning signs are possible and when you should see your doctor.
  • An Overview of Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma of the Lung: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options
    Lung cancer is the leading cancer-related cause of death worldwide. Stage 4 adenocarcinoma lung cancer is associated with metastatic disease and poor prognosis, but some treatment options are available.
  • How Much Do You Know About Lung Cancer?
    There are many cancers in medicine, however one of the deadliest is cancer of the lung, which affects both sexes. We once believed that smoking was the general cause, but now there are other factors to consider. Read on for general facts about lung cancer that you may not have known.
  • Facts About Lung Cancer
    Lung cancer is a disease caused by smoke, radiation, asbestos, and viruses. This guide will give you the necessary information to understand the basic facts so you avoid the risk factors and understand the impact this major disease has on the population.
  • An Overview of Medicinal Treatments for NSCLC
    There are a number of treatments available for non small cell lung cancer, including standard surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. There are also clinical trials available. The treatments available are covered in this article.
  • An Overview of Metastatic Adenocarcinoma of the Lung to the Eye
    The spread of adenocarcinoma of the lung to the orbit of the eye is an unusual, ominous presentation of lung cancer. Eye symptoms from the tumor will lead to the diagnosis of the primary source of cancer if not yet known. Learn more about this rare eye tumor from lung cancer.
  • Is There Conclusive Proof That Smoking Causes Lung Cancer?
    There is a direct link and between smoking and lung cancer. This has been proven beyond any doubt and is a universally accepted fact within the medical community.
  • A Guide to Metastatic Lung Cancer
    Metastatic lung cancer is cancer that originated in another part of the body and spread to the lungs. The symptoms include shortness of breath and chest pain. It is usually treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Signs and Symptoms of the Last Stage of Lung Cancer
    What are the last stage of lung cancer symptoms? Here we will list and discuss these in detail.
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