Acupressure Points to use During Labor

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The Benefits of Using Acupressure

Labor can be a very difficult time for mothers and babies. It can be very stressful and in some cases traumatic. Not every delivery is like this though. Many times there is a bit of pain but it is not too overwhelming. Instead of horrible pain it actually just feels like pressure.

In cases of hard labor, doctors may administer pain medicine to ease the mother. The more tense a mother is the worse the delivery can be on her baby. This is why it is so important to try all natural methods as it is far better for the baby. Acupressure helps to calm the baby and make the labor decrease which promotes a healthy delivery. Let’s learn about acupressure points to use during labor.

Acupressure Points to use During Labor

One of the most used acupressure points to use during labor is the shoulder. In the soft tissue between the shoulder bone and the neck is a point that stimulates uterine contractions and helps the contractions to produce. This is why it should never be used during pregnancy but is highly beneficial during labor.

The sacral region also has points nestled there. Placing the hands on a mother’s hips and applying pressure with the thumbs helps her push the baby down through the canal gently.

The hands, feet and ankles also have pressure points. The center of the hand and the tissue located in the area between the thumb and index finger provide a lot of help during labor. One point on the bottom of the foot just below the frontal pad in the center of the foot lies another point.

Each one of these mentioned acupressure points provide pain relief and calmness during this special time. This eases mother and child and reduces, or eliminates, the stress involved. Instead of using drugs that are harmful or addictive, the natural options such as acupressure points to use during labor are a safer and more effective method of relief.

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