Kidney Disorders

Read about the conditions that affect the kidneys and learn how they are diagnosed and treated.

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  • The Effect of Long Term Dialysis on the Body
    Curious about the effect of long term dialysis? Let us explore the effects of the kidney dialysis for someone with renal failure. Soothe your apprehensions here.
  • The Importance of Calcium Supplementation in Renal Patients
    Calcium supplementation in renal patients should be closely monitored as to avoid calcification, a condition linked with heart disease and blocked blood flow. Renal patients should not take any more than 800 mg of calcium daily as to avoid this and other health problems.
  • Types of Renal Failure
    Medical professionals refer to renal failure as chronic or acute. Doctors also classify chronic kidney failure as prerenal, renal and postrenal. These classifications give medical professionals more information about each patient.
  • Causes and Treatments of Painful Ankle Swelling After a Kidney Transplant
    Painful ankle swelling after kidney transplant can be a common ailment, but it is still very important to talk to your doctor if you begin experiencing this symptom. There are treatments available to reduce the pain and swelling.
  • Hypertension and Parenchymal Renal Disease
    Parenchymal renal disease is most often the result of damage caused by hypertension. Hypertension causes the vessels within the kidneys to become damaged, eventually leading to kidney failure.
  • Guide to Continuous Cycler Assisted Peritoneal Dialysis
    Do you use continuous cycler assisted peritoneal dialysis? Learn more about this treatment, and fast track your recovery!
  • How Long Can a Person Be On Dialysis Before Receiving a Kidney Transplant?
    When a person's kidneys stop working on their own, hemodialysis may be required. How long can someone live on dialysis? Although this is a scary time in a person's life, it is still possible to live a long and fulfilling life before a kidney transplant is needed.
  • Can Chemotherapy Help Kidney Transplant Patients?
    How can chemotherapy and kidney transplant affect the long-term survival rates of patients? Can chemotherapy reduce the risk of infections better than anti-rejection drugs? Read how a surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital is using a new therapy.
  • Factors Affecting Lifespan on Peritoneal Dialysis
    The factors affecting the lifespan on peritoneal dialysis vary. Learn about these factors, how they affect lifespan and what the life expectancy is for those on peritoneal dialysis while awaiting a kidney transplant.
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